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    EliteExile has been up for almost a year now. We host multiple servers with a medium to large size community. 

    Over the lifetime of our Altis server, we have had over 37,000 player accounts in our database.

    In January 2017, we have reached #7 in ranking for a server running Exile on Altis.

    We have built our server to satisfy the needs of our players. When players asked for something, we listened and implemented it. 

    As on 5/21/2017, we have upgraded to 1.0.3 and wiped our database since it was long overdue. This means that the map is empty and now you can claim your base at your favorite spot. 

    What we run on our server:

    • Zombies  
    • AI Missions 
    • Tow
    • Air Drops 
    • Server Events 
    • Halo Jump
    • Roaming AI
    • Random Crates 
    • DayZ Heli Crashes
    • Player Market (MarXet) 
    • An XM8 with extra apps (View Adjustment)
    • Vector Building
    • Paint Shop 
    • Enigma Revive 
    • Safe Hacking (Min 15 players on)
    • Lock Grinding
    • Virtual Garage
    • More Vehicles/Weapons


    Come join us and see what EliteExile is really about. We are going to be spinning up a CUP server down the road for those who want more content. 
    We run our servers on a high performance dedicated server with 24 cores, 128gb ram, and SSD Raid. Dedicated 300Mbps connection to handle all of our traffic. Our servers are optimized for best FPS and latency.

    The server's location is NW.

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