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    [EOS] iSLAND OF THE DEAD! - Arma 3: DayZ Tanoa

    Website: http://edge.of.sanity.nu
    100% compatible with A3Launcher. 

    Client Mods: ExileMod 1.0.2, FRENZIED MOD PACK , NIArms v.7, SM_Zombz,  ALTIS POLICE SPECIAL UNIT


    Server Features:

    - Hardmode Exile:

    * No third person mode in combat
    * Structure integrity/materials affecting the ability to construct tall buildings
    * Difficult AI
    * Easy to get easy loot, very hard to get good loot - rewarding obstacles to get unique loot
    * ISLAND OF THE DEAD with zombies, hardcore mission(s) and very high-end gear (people come there to die)

    - Base raiding:

    * By using an electric saw (lootable) and batteries (lootable) you can saw yourself through doors (requires a certain amount of attempts). 
    * By using a laptop (lootable) you can attempt to hack a safe to steal its contents (laptop can be destroyed in the process, and the hack takes time, during which the hack attempt is announced on the server)
    * You can also hack the virtual garage and steal people's vehicles
    * By using special explosives (normal Exile mechanic)

    - Server events:

    * Challenging missions 
    * Static military sites
    * Capture points
    * Helicopter crash sites
    * Dynamic AI events 

    - Fun features:

    * Configurable status bar
    * Parachute from heights without carrying a parachute! (á la A2E)
    * Virtual garage (Store vehicles inside a virtual garage)
    * Towing using ropes and in-game physics! 
    * A very sexy admin!

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    Best server ever!

    Hard mode enabled, no running around and having full military gear in 15 mins.

    Here you will cherish that hard gained LRPS!

    Tobias Solem (server owner) is a very approachable fellow, always willing to help. He listens to feedback from the server population, tweaking stuff and implementing new things.

    I really like the harder difficulty, when you are finally able to buy a car it really is worth something, those poptabs required blood, sweat & tears.

    There is lots do to on the server, many missions and/or PvP.

    Aaaaaand there is the radioactive/zombie island which is just bloody EPIC!!! Sweating under your gasmask, you and your friends strain to hear the next attacking zombie while on the lookout for that pesky NPC patrol, the geiger counter crackling like mad, while simultaneously running from the AI chopper. Not for the faint of heart!

    If you are looking for a challenging but rewarding exile experience look no further!

    If you need help on the server, ask for help in the side channel! Server population is nice & helpful (even if they may shoot you ;-)!

    My ingame name is "true", always willing to help.

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    ** English Version Below **

    Der Server ist wirklich mal ne richtige Herausforderung. Es wird einem nichts geschenkt und vor allem es ist nah an der Realität. Die Erweiterungen sind sehr gut integriert und man hat ne Menge Spaß mit all dem was man machen kann. 
    Es ist kein Server für Leute die schnell n Heli kaufen und dann nur noch zum Trader pendeln um alles zu verkloppen, so einfach kommt man da nicht vorwärts. 
    Aber wer wirklich mal sehen will was man mit EXILE machen kann, ist hier finde ich richtig.
    Ich bin dort kleben geblieben, weil mir genau das gefallen hat.
    Es gibt ne Menge Fahrzeuge und Waffen, was es am Ende auf jeden Fall unterhaltsam macht.

    This Server is really challenging. You get no gifts and you play close to reality. The Expansions are very well implented in the game and it makes a lot of fun.
    It is no server for people who want to get forward very fast and buy a helicopter and just make money at the trader.
    If you want to see how hard the life in EXILE can be, you are right at this place !! 
    I got stuck there, because i like the challenge.
    Also there are lots of vehicles and weapons, that's makes it bit more entertaining ;)

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