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    We are a brand new community with a lot of experience within gaming,hardware,stream and so on.

    Most of us have managed several communities from samp,mta,rust,arma,bf series,minecraft,cs and so on.

    Our main goal is to have a community for everyone to meet and greet. Making friends, and not least having fun.

    Foxy our community owner is a 26 year old guy from Norway, who has past experience in several communities like FFgaming, Universal Roleplay, DayZ Outlaws. These communities had over 5000 members and were really active, Foxy devote himself a lot to the community and listen to the members of the community if there is something wrong, or something that is needed to do.

    FFgaming were sold to a Canadian guy named Kelly in 2012, Foxy had managed that community for three years and decided to pass it over to someone that could take care of it.

    In 2008 Foxy opened something called Fox MineCraft Garage, which were a huge succes, he had 100 active players on his server on average everyday. This community were merged with something called Universal Roleplay and Foxy started too manage a samp server as well. after 2 years of that they hosted a MTA server and they hit 1000 members on their forum.

    A word from Foxy: The community is not about me making money but about me making the community happy. I am also really neutral when it comes to selecting new admins to the community due to abuse.

    I've had the clan DmG since '11 with a friend from Canada, we started out as a faction on samp and moved over to different games.

    Last year I kinda wanted to bring back the Dmgclan Also know as Dirty Money Gang, we did so and the clan has around 30 members in total from around the world.


    We do truly want everyone to at least consider us and just have fun.


    Dmgclan.com do give away's every month from games to giftcards.

    The value of the games and cards are betweel 20-100 dollars every time.

    I hope to see you guys at dmgclan.com

    Kind regards,


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