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    Well Vikinggmaerscommunity "VGC" is a gamer Community that hosts game servers for the community by the community.

    We are a democratic community that play video games in all of its forms shapes and situations. We gather players to play with each other, To build groups, Connections and most of all play to have fun with each other. We also host servers. primarily rented servers that is funded by the gamer them self's true donations. We just provide the server and makes certain that the server runs smoothly and professionally. When we see that there is a need for a server. And if we have players that are donating to a server then we are keeping servers up. When funding and interest disappear for the server, then that hosted server will go offline. And when that occurs then we save the server files and close down the hosted server. And wait for next time. And well that is what we do. Game and Host servers. By mebmers for members. so if this sounds interesting join to day.

    True donations VGC will host servers for all the donations we collect. And the servers we host are chosen by our members true a democratic vote. No money is collected by any member. All  funds are put in to hosted servers that we play or use for community activity's.

    Think its interesting and want to know more ? Then check out the website.



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