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    PilgrimGaming™ - We're all just along for the ride!

    PilgrimGaming™ is an open gaming community that provides friendly, socially rewarding gaming experiences to the gaming public.  We’re PC-focused, but our members play many different platforms and games together.  We also operate our own dedicated servers.

    It’s hard to have a good social experience gaming online. On most public servers, few players use voice chat, and text chat only goes so far. Trolls and jerks are everywhere. PilgrimGaming™ offers an antidote! You’ll find our community active and friendly. Our team of volunteer admins actively keeps the trolls and cheaters out.

    Best of all, PilgrimGaming™ is open to everyone — there are no applications, prerequisites, or approval processes. You’re a member of the PilgrimGaming™ community from the moment you start playing with us.

     Missions & AI

    # Dynamic soldier missions spawned with different difficulty levels.
    # Radiation zone supply crates guarded by soldiers.
    # Zombies at the radiation zone.
    # Supply drops.
    # Heli Patrols & Heli Crashes.
    # All enemy soldiers are recognized by the blue soldier outfits.

    Custom Map Additions

    # Custom spawn points, radiation zones, trader city.
    # Aircraft carriers spawn at sea.
    # Custom boat, airport, scuba and waste dumps traders.
    # All gas stations have a Fast Food, Vehicle Parts, Vehicle Customs trader and a locker.
    # Bridge added between the north-west and main island.
    # Radiation border trader.

    Vote Night or Day

    # You can vote for night or day by using one of the chat commands below.
    # You need to wait for 15 minutes between each vote.
    # A minimum of 51% of the online players will need to vote.
    # Chat Commands: “vote night” or “vote day”.

    Advanced Vehicle System

    # All locked vehicles owned by you in your own territory, is protected after restart. Protection is disabled when you log back in or someone unlocks it.
    # Advanced vehicle repair and salvage.

    Dark Zones

    # Capture Points that spawn in random selected cities.
    # You must be inside the inner colored circle constant for 10 minutes to capture.
    # There are 3 waves of Soldiers within the 10 minutes to capture.


    # Tanks, Armored and APC vehicles.
    # Regular and Anti Air Launchers.

    Vehicle Rearm

    # The rearm feature can be located in the trader city.
    # Armored Cars, Tanks, and Heli’s can be rearmed.
    # You need to be within 40 meters from the green military structure at the trader to see the option on the scrollwheel.
    # Vehicles can only be rearmed at the trader city to balance PVP.

    PilgrimGaming Headquarter

    # This area is used for testing and player support.
    # Locker and waste-dump traders.
    # Admin Events trader.
    # Fast Food trader.
    # Office trader.


    # JSRS SOUNDMOD is a sound modification for ArmA 3.
    # This modification is optional on our server, but really recommended.
    Click here to download JSRS

    Other Features

    # Option to steal territory flags are removed due to PVP balancing.
    # New players recieve 25k poptabs in their locker.
    # Advanced train simulator.
    # Advanced flight mode.
    # Extended loot search system.
    # Revive system.
    # Respect based loadouts.
    # Advanced towing.
    # Custom weather cycles.
    # Fog is turned off.
    # No nights, unless players vote for it.
    # Full moon nights when there is clear skyes.
    # Claim server and mission spawned vehicles.
    # Only wood structures can be breached.
    # Stamina and fatigue is turned off.
    # Fuel can only be purchased at gass stations or by draining other vehicles.
    # Territory protection-fee due date login notification.
    # Custom status bar and restart warnings.
    # Custom kill messages.

    Custom XM8 Apps

    # View Distance Tool.
    # Vehicle Check Tool.
    # Remote Security.
    # Recipes App.
    # Nearby Player Scanner.
    # Private Chat.

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