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    For everyone who enjoys a simpler experience, not too modded, not too vanilla, just right.  I was looking for a more traditional "DayZ Style" experience so I put up a Chernarus box on our dedicated server (Not Shared or Virtualized), added the zombies and some missions, added some skin mods and a few additions to the map and opened it up. Groups can get a starter box or a prefab editor base if they want or grind it out on a base building adventure. Plenty of missions, Zombies to aggravate you,Hordes to chase you,  Vehicle AI cruising the map looking for trouble, Capture Points, and more.  Long time Arma/Dayz community with experienced players always down for a firefight or willing to help someone out. 

    If you're getting the crash to desktop bug the first time you join a server, alt+tab out as soon as you join and wait a minute or so for it to download the mission file, then alt+tab back in and you'll be good to go. Hopefully that annoying little Arma3 issue gets fixed at some point. If you need further help message me on the forums and I'll be glad to help out.  You can also download the current mission file from GitHub https://github.com/HandSoloz/Exile  unzip it and put the .pbo file in your C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache\  folder and save yourself the memory crash while downloading mission file headaches. 

    @A2OP  @Exile   @HVP  @CPC_TRYK  @TRYK  @Ryanzombies 

    Optional Mods:  Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Reppelling. 

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