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    Hi everyone!

    I can proudly present you our new Exile PvP server!

    We are aiming to make this server a good PvP server for die hard Exile/Arma players that like a challange.
    To even make it a more all-out-war server we added extra armed vehicles to make it even more fun!

    Our clan, that is hosting the server, is a organized PvP clan that will give you something to shoot at!
    We have a Zero tolarance policy for; Admin abuse, Cheating, Hacking and Glitching

    (Admins will never play with their admin tool activated.
    It will also be stated in side chat when an admin logs in with admin tools activated, 
    so you can always check it yourself).

    Server details:

    Name: ExiledSpecialForces|NEW|PvP|Exile Altis|5k|Tow|Miss+Cap|Occ AI

    Mods needed to run: Exile

    Server side Scripts:

    - DMS Missions 
    - ZCP Capture Points
    - Occupation AI (Roaming AI Vehicles, ground + air)
    - R3F Vehicle Towing 

    Added Arma 3 Vehilces server side (high priced):
    - Tanks
    - APC's
    - Attack Helis
    - Attack Planes
    - Infantry launchers 

    Bambi loadout:
    - Can of food
    - Water bottle
    - Canopener
    - Lee-Enfield + 1mag

    All scripts and settings have been modified for more fun and balance!

    Basic Server Rules:

    Do not:
    - Steal at safezones
    - Camp safezones
    - Glitch or use expoits
    - Grief or abuse anyone
    - Don't be a Dickhead, even if you are one
    - Leave vehicles at traders during a restart - They will be unlocked and deleted! 
    - Place base flags unreachable

    No building on or near:
    - Military bases
    - Main roads
    - Traders
    - Spawn Towns

    Have fun and play fair
    - Don't agree with an Admin? Come and talk on our TS.
    - No refunds

    Want to join our clan instead? Go apply here!

    Come test it out! 
    Feedback is always welcome,


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