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    Hello you convict, we have set up a new Tanoa Exile server. We are running the server on a HQ dedicated
    box so no VPS. Our admins are active and mature. We hope to meet you at our server!

    [EXO] Exile #3|Tanoa|VirtualGarage|ZCP|Missions|10kStart

    Server IP:
    Mods required:  ExileMod

    Server Changelog: Click Here!
    Server Rules: Click Here!

    Exclusive [EXO] Server Features:
    Virtual Garage Introduction Video!
    Base Raiding and hacking: Click Here!
    Arma 2 Style Parachute.

    Server Features:
    70 Player Slots
    3 Hour Restarts
    10.000 Pop Tabs Start
    Custom Spawn Points
    Mature Active Admins
    High FPS
    High Loot
    High Quality Custom Map Content
    Custom Capture Missions
    Custom AI Missions
    Custom Mission  with big reward! 25+ AI
    Customized Trade Zones
    Black Market Traders (no Safe Zone)
    Building Supplies Trader (no Safe Zone)
    Armed & Armored Vehicles
    Deployable Bicycle
    No Bicycles in Safe Zones 


    [EXO] Community
    Website: www.exo-server.com
    Teamspeak: ts.exo-servers.com
    [EXO] Virtual Garage: Introduction Video


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    Nice FPS compared to most other servers, balanced loot etc.

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    I don't know why admin always kicked me out,

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    · Edited by SneakyDuServer


    First time connected, very high fps compared to other servers. Connection is good and i might have found a new home :) (atleast thought so)

    Everything is setup very nice in the server, except the fact rules are constantly being broken by many individuals like a group called war boners.

    They will tell each other who leaves the safe zones, so they can rack up the kills, or loot whatever comes next.

    Admins are hand hold by these guys, because there is a few of them. Ive tried to send a couple videos to them, unless you have concrete proof nobody will get banned or talked to in the server.

    Unfortunately its the nature of these servers, they come and go and some stick around. Just this one was setup rather nicely, too bad. Only good if you have groups to join, or make a good solid group. Some of them actually play 40+ hrs a week on the server night and day.

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    Another EXO server Another Great gameplay.

    -Great map in general

    -Custom missions / traders 

    -Active and friendly Staff members

    -Support around the click

    -Radiation island with high end weapons / gear 

    -Balanced economy  / Loot

    -Teamwork in groups

    -No annoying side chat VOIP


    The EXO is molded around the community, the polls are run and majority votes on polls help get the suggestions implimented.




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