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    Exile Isla Abramia: 

    To join our server you will need following mods (more to come):

    - @CUP_Terrains_Core

    - @CUP_Terrains_Core

    - @abramia

    - @CUP_Units

    - @CUP_Weapons

    - @CBA_A3 

    - @Exile 

    You can find/download these mods partly via Steam Workshop, everything else will be available via A3L. 


    Following features are currently available (more to come): 


    - Custom Map ( Extra Citys, Trader Citys and Military Areas)

    - DMS Missionsystem (using CUP Stuff as well)

    - Completly custom and new spawn Positions

    - Custom Loottable

    - Random Spawn all over the Map



    - Statusbar

    - XM8Apps (including Viewdistance change, Basecheck and more)

    - Tow/Lift

    - Hiddentrader

    - Radiationzones

    - Arma 3 Advanced Movement

    About out planned Features:


    Map - Isla Abramia


    What is Isla Abramia?

    Isla Abramia is a group of islands including a main island and 3 smaller ones around. The map is made by Icebreakr, who is know for making awesome maps. Such is Isla Abramia.

    The map itself is 10X10, standart Icebreakr map size.  

    Special features, are:

    - Snow covered hilltops

     - detailed little Towns

    - various Military Bases all around the map

    My thoughts about Abramia:

    I personally think, Abramia is an awesome map, pefect size for Exile PvP combat. Exciting landsacpe, with diffened themes, wich alternate all around. Due to it´s small size of 10X10 it´s easy to get from one side to another, without being always the same or boring. Especially the basebuilding part is great on this map, there are many special places wich you can use for basebuilding.  The moutains are making sure, to always have good and exciting fights, with diffent kind of cover and open fields. 

    General settings: 


    TO BE FILLED ( here you will find the complete setting list of our Server, like Basemaintain duration, respect setting loottable etc.)


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