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    Fail Gaming's Exile server is all about Survival. We've played on a bunch of servers and noticed how "Easy" all of them were configured. The ability to obtain end-game status within an hour of playing seems unpractical to Fail Gaming. We are configuring our Exile server to require some work, reviving the Survival aspect of the game. Tabs won't be to easy to get, forcing players to rely on the DMS/VEMF mission systems for offensive items, as well as scavenging towns for supplies. Only the most established players will be able to use the traders, as traders are a luxury in an apocalyptic world.

    We have Teamspeak and Discord available for the public, where responsible and experienced admins are readily available. We are based on the East Coast of North America. 

    Are you good enough to survive? Put your gaming skills to the test at Fail Gaming!


    Features: MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, Extended Base Mod, Roaming AI (Occupation), DMS, VEMF Reloaded, Towing

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    I really like the server but my friends and I had a huge problem with one thing. That thing is the constant AI, and the warship the destroyed a vehicle we just bought. I would give this server five stars and play it constantly if the AI was just toned down a bit. Other than that the server is a bunch of fun. My friends and I would love to play but we just almost seem like we restart every 30 minutes due to being killed by some sort of AI.

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