• [FCP] Killing Grounds

    Franklin County Posse

    North America
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    Server name- FCP Exile KillingGrounds 0.9.6 |Missions|5k|High FPS|Roaming AI|PVP|Teamspeak| 1.56  (0.9.6)

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    Franklin County Posse wants you to join in on the fun, come try our new server. Our server is currently running the Exile Mod on Altis and has routine events that players can participate in to earn rewards. Each player will receive 5k pop tabs for joining the server if that's not enough incentive visit our website register and make a post on the Forums we will give you another 5K pop tabs within 4 hours. The server is located out of Dallas Texas so join in on  the fun and enjoy the following mods and perks.-

    DZMS, Status Bar, 5K pop tabs,Roaming AI, PVP Events, Building Supply Crates, 7 Missions up at one time, High FPS , 3 Hour server Restarts, Active admins, Added vehicle Spawns, added vehicles, Active admins and a Teamspeak available for you and your squad. Visit our website to post on our forums or contact an admin.

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