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    Were committed, trying to be the best server out there! We’re constantly evolving and improving because of you, the players. FPG was founded by a group of people that was sick of militarized Exile servers! We want an experience without jets and tanks, bring in the good old infantry combat. We aim to give you the best experience for your Exile needs! We like to listen to our community and take all your suggestions into consideration. This is a PVP server without being able to buy the best gear! You must loot to gain the best gear! We don't have a respect requirement on any item. This is considered a Hardcore server this means looting and traveling is much harder. This isn't a First Person Server...

    [ Our motto ]
    You are [FPG]. ALL skin colors, EVERY KIND of ability and disability, ALL races and ethnicities, NO MATTER what gender you are, WHO you love, what faith you practice or don’t practice, or how much money you have…. YOU BELONG HERE.

    Server Features:

    ○ Flag Hacking
    ○ 90 Player Slots
    ○ 4 Hour Restarts
    ○ Random Spawn Points
    ○ High FPS
    ○ Custom AI Missions
    ○ Rocket Launchers
    ○ Armed & Armored Vehicles (Light)
    ○ Towing
    ○ Advance Loot Tables
    ○ Hardcore Looting System
    ○ Active Staff Team

    Required Mods:

    ○ NATO_Rus_Vehicle
    ○ Enhanced Movement
    ○ Community Base addons A3
    ○ Exile
    ○ Project Infinite - All in one
    ○ Extended_Items_Exile
    ○ CUP Terrains - Core
    ○ NIArms All in One
    ○ Chernarus 2035
    ○ Advanced Urban Rappelling


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