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    ## ExileZ on Tanoa!!

    If you're looking for a well run, fun, and fair Tanoa server, check out FriendlyPlayerShooting.

    We've been hosting Arma servers for nearly 5 years, starting waaaaay back with Arma2: DayZ Mod, then DayZ SA, and most recently Arma3 ExileMod. We're an easy going bunch of guys who admin fair and take a bullet well.

    ## FEATURES:

    • Tough Zombies (You have been warned!)
    • Zombies and AI attack each other
    • Roaming AI / AI Vehicles
    • Multiple Missions
    • PVP Capture Points
    • Guarded Crash Sites With Loot
    • Guarded Random Loot Crates
    • 10K Starting Poptabs
    • Spawnzone Cooldowns (15 minutes)
    • Base respawn (15 minute cooldown)
    • Sell crates at WasteDump Trader
    • Custom Kill Feed (shows Weapon, Scope, and a rough location - Great for PVP!)
    • Attach Chemlights to your body (Great for when you don't have NVG!)
    • Claim Vehicles with a Code Lock (Anything that's not already owned!)
    • Custom Randomised Spawn Uniform Loadout (Never spawn with the same clothes or navaagain. Randomised each spawn!!)
    • Radiation Zone replaced with Infected Zone, with hardcore zombies and top tier loot (No gasmasks needed, just balls of steel!!)
    • Ship Wrecks spawn randomly each restart with up to 50000 Poptabs (and other loot). Grab a boat/sub and go do some plundering!!
    • Building Height Restrictions (30m) NO MORE COCK TOWERS!!
    • Territory Payment Due Date notifications so you never miss a payment
    • Accelerated Night Time so you get several days/nights per server restart
    • Bridge to Infected Island (NW Island)

    ## FIXES:

    • Fixes for weapon attachment duping (No more infinite scopes!!!)
    • Vehicle Protection (from Arma bugs on server restart)
    • Several custom scripts to fix Arma/Exile issues like wonky/exploding crates and vehicles
    • Fixed Weapon Attachment Compatibility


    • Increased Toast time so you can actually read them
    • Customisable Stats Bar (and XM8 config app)
    • Custom View Distance (via XM8 app)
    • Streaming / Recording Toggle - Hides GUI (via XM8 app)


    • Three hour restarts = 12, 3, 6, 9, 12.. GMT
    • Server locks 15 minutes before each restart to prevent data loss
    • The ping limit is 250

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    Super competent and fair admins with just the right amount of professionalism whilst having fun at the same time and they interact a lot with their community. They can even take a bullet (or an RPG) with a laugh.


    A good balance of mods that doesn't make it to hardcore but not too EZ either. The roaming AI is a big plus.

    Bugs gets taken care of fast and with a surprising fix rate for being ArmA.

    Entertaining for both new and long time players.


    Edit: The bear is also one of the most magnificent specimen i've ever laid my eyes on.

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    Fed To The Wolves

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    Friendly admins - fair all round, can take a hit and the occational base raid ;)a laugh is not uncommon and constantly on the ball. 

    Excellent loot placement and spawning. 

    Dynamic vehicle spawning. - love. 

    A.I have just the right difficulty so kudos. 

    Quick at fixing reported bugs. 

    No doubt (my opinion) the best experience I've ever had on an exile server. I mean what more can you want?






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    The staff and community is, quite literally, the best I've come across. The staff is very active and engages/ interacts with the community, on the regular. Easy going but, quick to address issues/bugs. It's easy to find an EXILE server but, it's tough to find one that's as well managed and supported as this one. Our group played dozens of servers before stumbling across FPS and, ever since, we've called it our home EXILE server. Nice work to @kuplion and the staff. Hats off to FPS for providing so much more than just another EXILE server. 

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    Robaroo Wallafox

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    2200hrs played in arma 3....alot of that time on exile servers. 

    This server has to be one of the best servers i have ever played on. The community though at times touchy are great. Theres a mutual respect for peoples vehicles at bases with them rarely being destroyed.

    The roaming Ai though is what makes this server shine though. They actually have players on edge. You never know if its a player or npc. Seen many kills because people thought it was AI.


    Admins are great, helpful and active. They listen to feedback and really are working hard to create a great server...

    Really worth lookin at....

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    Hendrix Allan

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    Excellent server, I constantly have a great time. Admins are active on their discord channel but rarely on the actual server which may be annoying to some. Owner is friendly and helpful, haven't had an experience with any actual admins. 10/10 Would rate again.

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    Really like this server.  Those admins @kuplion and @Rompastomp are a bit of a ball ache though!

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