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    Hello all,

    I would like to start off by introducing myself and the community that I represent. My name is Highlander and I am the project lead of Fractal Gaming Exile. Our community originated from a life server on ArmA 2. We have decided that we would like to offer you, the player, a high quality server and playing experience that we too would like to play on. With our high performing server box we are able to offer you just that, without relying on donations that other communities rely so heavily on. Over the past few weeks, as a team we have been working hard on bringing you an exile Namalsk and Chernarus server. Namalsk, having successfully launched yesterday (18/03/2016) has already seen our community grow and we are hoping to expand that even further, so that we can offer you a wide variety of servers for you to play on. Some may say that we where a little late to the mark, however we offer you what many communities don't server and community wise. Our staff team is fully committed to nurturing and supporting the growth of our servers and community.

    Namalsk Mods



    TRYK Multiplay Uniforms

    HLC (being added shortly)


    All of which can be downloaded from the A3Launcher (Which we highly recommend, for ease of use): here

    Our server features are:

    AI Missions (Ranging in difficulty)

    Hourly airdrops providing weapon crate and and armed vehicle

    Payable airdrops providing buildings materials and essentials, accessible via your XM8

    Contaminated zones on certain areas of the map (Being worked on atm)

    If you have any inquiries then please contact a member of staff on TeamSpeak: ts3.fractalgaming.eu or ask us a question on our 
    website: www.fractalgaming.eu and they will be more than happy to answer your questions. Hope to see you ingame soon!


    Kind Regards



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    Really solid server. Runs perfectly, great fps, no lag, etc. The staff are also really good and professional.  

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    Fractal Gaming is a good server, been playing on it since the start. Has some pretty awesome staff who have helped quite a bit and have an awesome dev team. Fix bugs really quickly and are always looking to expand to the community ideas. Can't wait to see it grow bigger! Make sure to come check it out.

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    10/10 lots of memes

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