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    Seeing the many possibilities which a new map such as Malden can offer we here at GOAT have launched the very first Exile server for the map to mark our return to the Exile hosting scene.

    At GOAT we have customised our servers to the max, while retaining the survival aspect of Exile. Unlike many other customised servers who give many “benefits” to their players, such as very high start cash amounts and low shop prices among other things, we have chosen not to do such things as we believe having a customised server does not mean we need to compromise on gameplay experience.

    That being said, we have an extremely friendly group of admins, of whom one is always available on the server or our discord if you ever encounter any issues or just want to ask a question. Furthermore, we run events every second day on our servers, EU and NA, which vary from plane races to Pawnee death matches to actual death matches in purpose built arenas.
    Some of our 25+ scripts include:
    Ai Missions, Customised Traders, Spawn Bike, A wide range of XM8 Apps, A way to mute ambient sounds, Grinding And Hacking and capture points.
    The reason for choosing this combination is simple, Quality. Niarms, for example, is praised widely for its accurate ballistics modelling along with great sounds and weapon quality while MAS Vehicles takes the best vehicles from ARMA 2 and makes them even better, updating them to ARMA 3 standards and beyond.

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