• Welcome to GoG's World's next server in the Exile series. The Tanoa map came with Arma Apex and offers a great environment for PvP. You only need Arma 3 with the Apex expansion and @Exile, @ryanzombies & @SM_Zombz mods to join this server. @JSRS5 is optional.

    We are a well established community and have been established for over 4 years. Our Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Chernarus server was once in the coveted position of first place in the GameTracker Global rankings.

    We have friendly active admins playing but, they are not there to be abused with TP requests and spawn vehicle requests where players have messed up or died. They are there to monitor potential hackers and recover problems from server glitches. Our admins won't troll you or interfere with your game unless you have requested help. They won't help you unless you are subject to a genuine glitch so as not to give you an unfair advantage over other players.

    Our only rules; No Hacking, Cheating, Voice In Side, Racism or Personal Comments! You will get kicked/banned for abusing these rules.

    The server currently runs BattlEye & infiSTAR anti-hacks.


    • JSRS 5 (Sound Mod)
    • Zombies (SM_Zombz and Ryanzombies Mods)
    • 10,000 Pop Tabs for Fresh Spawns (In Locker)
    • Wages - 100 Pop Tabs every 5 Mins (Not in Territory or, Safezone)
    • Virtual Garage - Must be within 2m of Flag (XM8 More)
    • Virtual Garage Hacking (min. 15 Players online and requires Laptop)
    • Safe Hacking (min. 15 Players online and requires Laptop)
    • Black Market Traders - NOT SAFEZONES (Armed Vehicles and High-end Gear)
    • MarXet - Player to Player market
    • Bounty Most Wanted - Put contracts out on other players (Office Trader)
    • Suicide Vest - Buy from Black Market and double click radio
    • Vector Building (tilt base parts in all directions)
    • Eject, Halo and Basejump (Magic Parachute on Scrollwheel)
    • Halo or Ground Spawn option on Respawn
    • Paint  (Custom paint for buildings and vehicles)
    • DMS (Defent's Mission System)
    • ZCP (Zupa Capture Points)
    • R3F Logistics (Lift, Tow and Load in Vehicles)
    • Sell Mission Crates at Wastedump Traders
    • Claim Spawn Vehicles (Need Codelock)
    • Repair and Rearm (Fuel Stations)
    • Safezone Anti-Theft (First person in driver seat after entering zone)
    • Change View Distance (XM8 More)
    • Fully Customisable Status Bar (XM8 More)
    • Deploy Bike (XM8 More)
    • Deploy Boat (XM8 More)
    • Remote CCTV Camera (XM8 More)
    • Vehicle Health Point Bars (XM8 More)
    • Private Chat (XM8 More)
    • Journal (XM8 More)
    • Mute Side Chat (XM8 More)
    • Crafting Guide (XM8 INFO Apps)
    • Server Info (XM8 INFO Apps)
    • Enigma Revive (Need Defibrillator)
    • Chop Wood Directly to Vehicles (Within 50m)
    • High Cars Spawn Rate
    • High Loot Spawn Rate
    • 2.5 Hour Day and 30 Mins Night
    • vote day or vote night (just type either in chat)
    • Added Armed Helis (Ghosthawk, Hellcat, Pawnee and Orca)
    • Added Armed Car and Boat (Hunter HMG and Speedboat Minigun)
    • M134 Minigun Fix (Server side - no mod needed)


    • Protection = 10 days until wiped if not paid (bases, safes, containers etc..)
    • Vehicles = 3 days until unlocked if not used
    • Vehicles = 5 days until wiped if not used
    • Stolen Flag = 2 days until all lockable items in base set to 0000
    • Stolen Flag = 3 days until base wiped
    • Abandoned Safe = 10 days (2 days if flag stolen)
    • Safes and containers outside of territories = 10 Days

    The server has excellent performance, high FPS and runs on an Enterprise spec dedicated box, has no errors running in the background and is backed up regularly.
    So, please come and join us! You can find more information about us and our servers at the web, Discord and TeamSpeak addresses above.

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    Totally amazing server!! That's cos I built it...

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