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    Grumypy Old Men

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    Welcome to the Grumpy Old Men Community Hardcore Server


    Looking for a server thats hardcore with AI and missions? then look no further we have it all. our server currently runs the following.

    • AI Missions
    • Roaming AI (currently being worked on)
    • Cold Weather
    • Low Loot
    • Bad weather
    • Radiation
    • PVP
    • More to be added
    • Blastcore Visuals

    JSRS will be added very soon.



    1. No camping the safe zones or leaving vehicles in them they will unlock on restart.
    2. No building with in 1000m of a trader.
    3. No glitching or hacking you will be banned without notice.
    4. Do not building in military areas or on the airfield keep loot areas for players to loot.
    5. Do not ask admins to TP to dead bodies admins will ignore you.
    6. No foul language in side chat you will be removed from the game.
    7. No destroying people's vehicles in a base for the fun of it take what you need and get out.




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