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    Welcome to Gravelton!

    Now the third server to bear the name - we've gone historic this time.

    Features and Addons

    Vehicles and weapons from the 1930's on to the late 1950's. Expect to see tanks, half tracks, cargo trucks, Jeeps and prop planes. Most weapons use iron sights which force engagement distances to be much closer than you've been accustomed to. The close ranges make pistols, submachine guns and shotguns very viable if not preferable choices. With carefully tweaked AI, this plays considerably differently than a normal Arma experience!

    Weapons, Uniforms and Vehicles from:

    • IFA3 AIO Lite
    • Faces of War
    • IFA3 Liberation
    • CSA 38
    • Unsung
    • Sab's Secret Weapons
    • LEN AIO
    • GEIST-A3 Lite

    Hostile AI are found at marked missions and town invasions. AI troops are also found protecting hidden loot crates. Some of the best gear are found in these crates! Riot squads are dispatched to chase down players - a message will announce the targeted player to give you a chance to take cover or run! Beware of hostile air patrols. They will strafe you with machine guns if they spot you.

    Hostile AI Provided by:

    • Defent's Mission System (DMS)
    • Exile Occupation
    • A3XAI
    • VEMF Reloaded

    A strong focus is on scavenging and crafting. As such we also have a player market for you to easily trade desirable loot with fellow players. All vehicles (except Air Drops) are persistent. If you find an unlocked vehicle, it is yours to keep! You will have to change the PIN at a trader to lock it, however. We also have usable trains and cable cars (needs ATS Dev Branch - check the mod collection link).

    Other Settings:

    • MarXet Player Black Market
    • CDAH Vehicle Crafting
    • Extended Base Mod
    • Extended Survival Mod
    • Advanced Towing, Rappelling, Urban Rappelling and Sling Loading
    • Advanced Train Simulator
    • APOC's Air Drop Assistance
    • Close Air Support and Mortar Fire Support available in XM8
    • Custom AI/Vehicle Scanner

    Closing notes - Rare and valuable loot can be found on the outlying islands, especially in the radiation zone. Be cautious if you explore these areas as there have been reports from survivors of unusual and disturbing occurrences in these areas.

    Gravelton is a welcoming community with active admins. We hope you'll come check it out!

    Mod collection: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1546651955

    Community Discord server: https://discord.gg/4B7cyA4

    Do NOT use A3Launcher as it will not configure the mods correctly. Use the default Arma 3 Launcher for best results.

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