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    This server was closed down last year and we have migrate to a new server set on Tanoa with a WWII/Vietnam theme. Check us out here:

    Gravelton is a customized PVE server set on the Altis map. We are a more relaxed community focusing more on scavenging and building and less on continuous combat.

    Presently our features include:

    • RHS Mods - USRF, USAF, GREF and SAF
    • CUP Mods - Units, Vehicles, Weapons
    • Extended Base Mod
    • Enhanced Movement - be sure to bind these keys to use the new actions!
    • Advanced Ropes - Towing, Sling Loading, Helo Rappelling, Urban Rappelling
    • R3F Logistics - move and load objects into vehicles. Works with crates and small vehicles. Crates *can* be sold at the Waste Dump!
    • Double-click radio to deploy a motorcycle - does anyone actually like the bicycles?
    • Custom XM8 Unit Scanner - handheld radar with 200m range which detects vehicles, static weapons, players and AI
    • APOC's Air Drop Supplies - use pop tabs in your locker to call in air drops of weapons, food, unarmed and armed vehicles. These vehicles are NOT persistent and are priced accordingly
    • Virtual Garage - accessed through XM8, note that vehicle inventory is *not* stored when the vehicle is added to your Garage
    • StatsBar & CHVD View Distance
    • Repair/Refuel/Rearm Points at all Gas Stations - Vehicle ammo is saved to the database and does not reset when the server restarts
    • Vector Building
    • BRAma Cookbook
    • Roaming AI Vehicle Patrols - Ground and Air Vehicles. The vehicles stick to the main roads, be cautious while exploring!
    • Dynamic and Static Missions run by DMS
    • Town Invasions by VEMF Reloaded - marked on map
    • Helo Taxi between the trader zones
    • Revive dying players with a Defibrillator! These are available at the trader zones.
    • Salvage your destroyed vehicle to recover the gear on your body
    • Gear Crates (marked on map)
    • DayZ-Style Vehicle Crashes (not marked, look for the smoke trails)
    • Zed-infested zones marked on the map in red
    • Roaming zombie spawns at night
    • Customized trader menus and loot table to include items from the mods

    Since we are a PVE server flag stealing, vehicle hot wiring and PIN code hacking are disabled. Territory protection money is due every 21 days, vehicles not used after 14 days will be deleted.

    Upcoming features:

    • Custom traders in the SE and SW corners of the map as these areas are a long hike from the standard trader zones! Helo taxi route will be expanded to include these.
    • New dynamic and static missions
    • Aircraft Carrier static mission - this one will take a coordinated effort to complete!

    Zupa's Capture Points were previously implemented for PvP-allowed zones. Since no one had participated since they were added they are currently disabled. I will reintroduce them if player interest warrants it!

    As always, I'm open to suggestions for new features.

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    Fantastic server with an even better owner!

    I came across Gravelton purely by chance a few weeks ago and it has kept me entertained for close to 60 hours.  All of the necessary scripts/mods are there but what differentiates Gravelton is the owner @Gristle.  He goes above and beyond to help out, is a player himself and really listens to players wants and needs.  Coupled with a friendly community it really is worth checking out.

    If you are in the mood for a welcoming community PVE server with plenty to keep you entertained you can't go far wrong with Gravelton.


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