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    We are currently seeking members that are willing to watch over our server with us as admins and also members who are just wanting to play.  

    Green Flag Exile development team has made absolutely sure to provide an extremely  hardcore set to the world of exile.  For example, you only start with your jumpsuit right off the bat.  Weapons, food, water, materials, etc are all scarce and should be treasured when found, (it is not to the point where fun is ruled out though because the line has to be drawn at some point obviously between hardcore realism and fun).  We also are currently toying with the player run market system and removing traders, (except for scrap, territory, and POSSIBLY vehicle traders).  The reason why we are wanting to take this step is to encourage players to work more together, but also band against each other as well to fight over resources that are desperately needed to survive in this world.  Most may say we are insane for taking this measure, but through playing on countless of exile servers were all you have to do to obtain something instead of working for it is to go and simply purchase it, we find the idea a bit ridiculous.   However, with a player run market system it shall be the people who decide how best to sell their items.  The market will have place items placed into it purposely upon launch as we don't want to start with an empty market.  We have chosen Australia as our place map as it is one of the largest maps made for Arma 3 and we are currently implementing so much more into it in order to further the experience for our players.


    We are looking for a set release date by the end of May and are currently in the works of a promotional video that will show our features off.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about our server then please contact me via messaging.  I have listed a few features below of what you can expect to see in our server.




    *Roaming AI Bandits (car patrols, foot patrols, air patrols) that wield a vast randomized arsenal

    *AI difficulty has been ramped up

    *Added the Australian Military Police to replace basic police spawns and the Australian military to replace the "Special Forces" police spawns.  (All carry the actual uniforms and have differences between one another considering firearms as well).

    *Custom Missions


    *Over 1000+ firearms (from World War One all the way up to Modern Warfare + Arma 3), (not exaggerating either, actually counted)

    *More melee weapons

    *Hardcore style of gameplay

    *Over 600+ vehicles (including aircraft and watercraft)

    *Added new villages and military bases to fill in left out spots in the map

    *Constructable mines and turrets that will stay upon leaving (mines obviously will not respawn if they are activated as it would make no sense)

    *Map of Australia with added destruction

    *Demons spawn randomly

    *Unique weapons that can only be obtained through missions

    *Dedicated development team that listens to the community's feedback

    *Mature players



    Thank you for reading


    -Alexei Stukov

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