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    Grumpy Old Men Tanoa Exile Server

    Welcome to our server, we welcome anyone to our hardcore server.

    Do you want hard core with only 1st person?, want to work hard at trying to find food and weapons? then you've come to the right place here at GOM we pride our self's in Hardcore. With 1st person, roaming AI and missions they will be sure to test your skills. our server currently has these selected mods.

    • DMS Missions
    • Ambient Fly overs
    • Day/Night (2 hours of each)
    • 4 Hour Restarts (12-4-8 GMT)
    • 900.000 Lockers
    • Changed Trader Prices
    • Hardcore server
    • Harder Missions
    • Scarce Loot
    • Realistic Roaming AI

    To keep the server fair for everyone we ask for you to comply by are rules which are as follows.

    • Do NOT build 1000m of a trader or cement mixer.
    • Do NOT spawn camp or trader camp.
    • Do NOT be racist or abusive in side chat
    • Leaving vehicles in a safe zone will unlock them on restart, be sure to move them.
    • Do NOT ask admins to replace stolen gear, base raiding and PVP is allowed.
    • Do NOT build on the radiation island or close to it.

    Our Teamspeak is -

    Admins are - Ben Watki

    Recruiting Admins also go to our forums.






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