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    Dedicated Server - 2 Headless Clients

    HTUK was designed to be a truly challenging PVE server.  This is no turkey shoot, or a place for noobs to come and have an easy ride.  This is for the players looking for a real challenge while still enjoying the cooperative aspects of the game.   We have removed all thermal scopes and lock-on projectiles.  Your skill is the only thing going to keep you alive.

    Hostile Territory provides an AI rich, extremely hostile environment for players.  Using both FuMS and A3XAI running on headless clients, there is constant action and a very real threat of death.  If you can outsmart and survive the roaming parties there is still plenty of action to be had with the many missions available at any one time on the server.  For those looking for an even tougher challenge we have an exclusive randomised AI Stronghold.  Every server restart our AI Stronghold is randomly placed into the southern peninsula of Altis, providing a huge mission area.  500 AI, plus AA and tanks are waiting to pop your skull.  The AI Stronghold consists of 2 components, the vehicle pool and the chopper fleet.  You will need to locate both and safely lift a vehicle out in order to be successful and claim your winnings. The Stronghold AI are the toughest on the server, brave, unforgiving and relentless.  

    Mods and scripts we use:

    FuMS Mission System -- A3XAI Roaming AI -- Tow -- Re-arm Vehicles -- Player Revive  -- Air Dropped Care Packages -- Kill Messages -- Status Bar -- XM8 Apps: Player Stats -- Craft Recipes -- Player Scan -- View Distance


    Are you tough enough? Only one way to find out...


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