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    MODS: Exile | G.O.S. Dariyah | Enhanced Movement | RHS AFRF + USAFSMAMRT | CBA | CUP Terrains Core
    Optional mods: Armed vehicles fix |



    • 8 slot Virtual garage
    • Vehicle towing
    • Helicopter lifting
    • Exile base demolition
    • EXAD Safe hack and vGarage hack using Laptop
    • Highly customized DMS Missions and AI skill levels
    • Mission crate loading | Sell direct from crate!
    • Player revive using defibrillator! Limited to one revive per player life
    • Spawn with ATV deploy using extension cord
    • Extremely high client-side FPS
    • 3,500 meters increased view distance
    • Increased poptab storage for Safes (500,000)
    • Increased territory radius sizes | Increased maximum construction pieces
    • Chop wood directly into nearby vehicles
    • All sights & scopes fit on all weapons
    • Radiation zone with highest-value custom loot table
    • Custom loot spawns | Refueling areas | Rearm areas | Water sources
    • Custom traders | Safe & unsafe | Vehicle price list found in the website main menu
    • Must loot silencers, top-tier weapons, thermal scanners, knives and laptops.
    • All ammunition is available from the trader | RPGs available | No lock-on rockets available
    • Bright full-moon nights | /vote day | /vote night
    • Exile Armed Vehicles Fix mod
    • Excellent quality server hardware | Well located for nearly all regions
    • Active admins | No badmins | No kid admins
    • Happy to assist you in connecting to our server
    • 10,000 starting poptabs


    Server Description

    We invite you to experience the premier of Exile on G.O.S Dariyah, a truly unique Exile mod experience brought to you by iBOXBEARS. We are the first server to incorporate Exile mod into G.O.S. Dariyah, by painstakingly adding every feature that would otherwise be missing such as loot spawns, choppable trees, trader zones, water sources and fuel sources, and much more. We are very pleased with the results, and we're sure you'll agree. G.O.S. Dariyah offers exceptionally high client-side frames per second (FPS). If you get 30 FPS on most servers, you will easily achieve 75 FPS on ours. This increase in FPS should especially interest users who are considering recording or streaming their Exile mod gameplay, as recording gameplay can be difficult for lower-end PCs. This higher available FPS will also allow you to dramatically increase your video quality settings, making your videos look even better than ever possible before.

    Our goal has been to create a quality Exile experience for players of all skill levels and play styles. Through a finely tuned custom AI difficulty, custom pricing system, and custom loot table and loot spawns, we have struck a balance which enables players of all gaming styles to have an enjoyable experience. These customizations combined with our selection of scripts focused on base raiding will help to ensure that there's always something fun for players to do.

    Not only does G.O.S. Dariyah offer long-time players of Exile a fresh experience on a new map, we believe there are many players who did not purchase the most recent Arma 3 DLC (Apex). Apex items/vehicles are enabled on our server, however Apex is not required to play on it, which ensures that any and all of your friends will be able to join you on our server if they choose.

    So come stake your claim in the desert, and engage in the unending battle over money and resources. Gather your breaching materials, and wage war against your enemy's bases! Gather money, and use it to patrol the desert sands in a vast selection of unarmed and armed combat vehicles.

    Welcome to the deserts of Dariyah. 


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    This server has a great mod & script list. A nice change considering zombies and CUP are everywhere. 

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