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     ironEclipse.eu Hard-DayZ Namalsk | Ultimate Survival    

    Hard-Dayz Namalsk is a pure survival server for the Dayz-Epoc fans, First Person Only!


    • Donkeypunch exile addon mod 
    • Exile mod 
    • NATO Rus weapons
    • RZinfection for exile 
    • Namalsk
    • Zombies and demons 


    This is a hard-core survival game on the Namalsk map!

    Left behind on an abandoned island with little hope to survive the next few hours let alone the next day, this is your life now! Cold and hunger are the first threats you will meet. These primal needs will force you to move and risk your life in dangerous environments against bandits, fellow survivors and the roaming dead.

    To survive you must scavenge, and build what you need, what you cannot make yourself you should seek out others to trade. You should look to establish a shelter, a place to withdraw, to regenerate to survive the next journey.

    This new life is hard, you must try to survive and rebuild for a new tomorrow but beware of others who will take by any means what you strive to build.



    • Namalsk (Exile Version)
    • First Person Only
    • Hardmode survival orientation, even the smallest items have an important use.
    • Fight to find and to keep them.
    • A world which makes you work together, instead of blindly hunting each other , but betrayal is still all too common
    • Additional camping and survival aspects are continuously implemented into the world. 
    • Utilize the tools you have, to fight against the cold, then hunger and craft what 
    • you need yourself step-by-step. But you need to take risks finding the components.
    • Hard custom mission sets at special locations to provide you gear to advance more further.
    • The Dead walk. Zombies are threaten humans. Take care of no running into them and make sure their hordes are not running after you.
    • More realistic base building, think more camps rather than wooden cubes.
    • Build a shelter, a little fort. Combine different items (DonkeyPunchD) to create a place you can call home.
    • Community orientated. Gather yourself in groups and work together. This increases the chance to see the next day.
    • Teamspeak and supported by ironEclipse.eu
    • Building your base more challenging. Find the right tools and components and build it up step-by-step.Work for it and achieve your new home.
    • The island has many forgotten caches with explosives. Some of them are captured by local bandits groups, some are hidden and left behind somewhere. The best way to take from other bases what could be yours.


    Upcoming features:

    • Punishing system. Death will drop poptabs on your body and you loose respect.Better store you poptabs in coins in your shelter. But even there, they aren't safe forever.
    • Advanced camping and survival features
    • Advanced health and fitness system. Go beyond wetness and temperature. Take care of your body and health.
    • Advanced medical system. Treat specific wounds and infections with different medical equipment. Revive others with defibrillators or InstaDocs. Keep and eye on the bloodlevel.
    • Exchange dealer for coins which provides you with special gear or items for your shelter, which you cannot get elsewhere.
    • Long-term progession. Togther with rewards, special items for missions, treasure runs or coins you as the player will get goals, which aren't achievable just through poptabs. You need to play a while and you need to be successful at least to stay alive and earn your name.
    • Base defense: Persistent mines around your base to get rid of unwanted visitors.


    Planned features

    • Rewarding system for staying alive and completing tasks and missions. Will be rewarded with coins and achievements.
    • Talent system, which defines what you can do better than others.
    • Faction system. Two groups of bandit organizations are present, you can choose which to join and which to fight.
    • Adding Ratpors in certain areas where the goof stuff is. (needs a compatibility test)


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    nemalsk 4.jpg


    house 1.jpg

    house 2.jpg


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    Hard First person server (not many exist), nice progression things don't come easily, good crafting system (donkey punch), genuinely rewarding when you find a decent gun, or tool to craft that next level item for base building.

    Nice helpful, community, regular updates, take feedback on board, always active.

    Should check it out, but like most things in life, the best things come to those who wait.



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    this is a hard server for the survival people come and join see how long you can survive !!!!!!!!!!!  

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    Looking for a challenge? Then this server is for you!
    You want to settle a base so you can be safe? First you have to risk your life.
    There are custom recipes and DP buildings.
    Poptabs =/= Power
    Skill, awareness and knowledge when you have to back off is needed here.

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