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    KD-Gaming was founded on the basis of being a very all-around community 2 years ago.

    Since then we've hired server managers along with recruiting technical staff, and so much more!
    (Our network is: https://www.kdnetworks.net/ )

    Up until now KD-Gaming only had GMOD, Minecraft, and a ton of different servers, up until I myself came along, and offered to bring two awesome ArmA servers up.
    And I believe I have done that.

    Currently we have the standard: Warzones, missions, high loot, 15k starter, and much more to offer down the road. And the best of all: God, damn, zombies.
    With the added bonus of zombies spawning outside the map and inside the water! (No but really we're working on that one.)

    Along with a very friendly and trained staff that can help your every needs should you ever get to it.

    Our current mods are: CUP Vehicles/Units/Weapons + TRYK Uniforms + Ryans Zombies and Demons.

    Come here, and hang out! Feel free to join our TeamSpeak for any questions related to the server, and know we take all feedback and suggestions in high account, and wish to always improve as we go.

    Wanna try our server without zombies? Sure! Just head to this link:

    I am Colton 7.0, and I approve of this message.

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    The server have really good fps and mods :) And there is also a standard exile server from KD-Gaming that runs really good to :)

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