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    Welcome to the harsh lands of Namalsk. 

    We are running a 40 player server on Namalsk on our own dedicated linux server, with the best hardware available so you can be sure of a very high FPS in game... Even with the Zombies! We have custom loot configurations along with custom traders. We have tried to bring back the old style of the arma survival series by reducing loot to a lower level meaning you will have to explore more of the map to get all the essential gear you will need to survive.

    We have updated to the latest version of Exile (0.9.8) and have implemented all the new features in our server.

    The blowout storm from Arma2 Namalsk returns. You can use a gasmask to avoid passing out.  The gasmask can also be used to access special areas on the map. Special areas will contain rare loot but will be difficult to access due to the larger numbers of zombies.

    We have base raiding mods enabled. Grinders with battery will open doors and you can hack safes with laptops.

    All loot has been categorized so that supermarkets spawn food, military areas will spawn higher tear loot etc

    All the mods on the server can be downloaded from the steam workshop. Exile and Namalsk can be downloaded from here. 


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    Absolutely love the server! Zombies are a challenge the first couple of days you play and it really does make you shit your pants sometimes. Zombies force you out of cover and keep you on the move.

    EMP storm from Arma 2 is a nice feature and can be deadly when not paying attention to it. (get knocked out and munched on by zombies).

    Loot is scarce but when you know where to go then better grab a bigger backpack.

    Some of the dynamic missions are a beauty, don't even want to interfere sometimes.

    Helpful admin is also a big plus!

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