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    We are a group of players who enjoy a bit of Arma 3 Exile. Nothing too serious but on here most days .

    We run a relaxed server where any playstyles are ok, no Bambi Hunters or Safe Zone Campers though!!!
    We welcome new players and have a TeamSpeak channel available to join if you want to get involved.

    We want everyone to build bases and encourage interaction between players by having AI missions to complete, roaming AI to keep us on our toes. We WILL NOT WIPE THE SERVER but do regular server restarts to keep things cleaned up (every 4 hours).

    We will host numerous Server Events, some with prizes but most with in game rewards! Also Server Players of the Week (Stats and Admin Voted) names will be published on a Billboard in game at the top of Mount Tanao.

    Only Exile is required to play, but Extended Base Mod is encouraged to enjoy the server to its most.

    If you need any help or have any queries - hook up with an admin on TeamSpeak or email: gamingwithexm@gmail.com

    Server Information and details on events will be listed on our website (Currently Updating)

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Tanoan Monkey Jungle...

    The MCK Admin Team (eXm, Sneak and Reaper)


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