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    The Server is new and in OPEN Beta, meaning i need you guys to play the mission and let me know how it feels :control::victory:

    You will need to have "Cup Terrains Core" and "Cup Terrains Maps" Because this server is running Chernarus. just use the A3Launcher to join the server.

    Your feed back is important to me. if you feel like you have any ideas on how this server could be improved please jump in teamspeak or discord and let me know.

    Server Feature:
    Ai Missions,

    Custom Military Barracks,

    More Features comming soon!


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    " Your feed back is important to me. "

    advertising on/poaching from established servers isn't a great way to start off your own server. 

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    Never used this. Maybe I should have put this as a comment.

    Joined our server. Added everybody on steam and proceed to try get them all to join his server. Then advertise in game. Disrespectful to owners and content creators which I'm sure who's scripts he uses. Banned. I would change the way you operate.

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