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    Hi there, Murloco's Taco Shop is 40 man server with infantry based PvP, custom military zones, custom rare AI spawns and a lot of cool scripts implemented to make the game more fun.


    Mods Needed To Join

    Just the latest release of exile! Thats all!



    Igiload- Allows you to load small vehicles into bigger vehicles (quad>offroad truck / offroad truck>helicopter, etc) and also load loot crates into vehicles like the ural and big helicopters like the mohawk or Huron.

    Towing- Find or buy a rope and go to the back of your car to attach the tow rope and then attach it to another car and start towing!

    Roaming AI- AI will roam around the map in cars, helis and on foot, and also patrol military zones occasionally, keeping you on your tows even when the server doesn't have too many people on it.

    Random Gear Crates- Gear crates spawn around the map with an  icon and are patrolled by AI.

    Dynamic Missions System- We use the popular DMS system to spawn missions around the map, with varying difficulty/ loot.

    ZCP Base Missions- AI barracks will spawn randomly around the map and you have to do rush in and control the point for 5-10 minutes with reinforcement AI waves periodically spawning, successfully completeing them will net you tabs and respect

    Bounties- Set bounties on another player to let other people go out and hunt him. Someone stole your shit? Set a high bounty on them and get your revenge. If you are a bounty hunter you will receive money for killing the player with a bounty on his head.

    Base Building- The standard base building of exile with increased building radius and item placement limit.

    Custom View DIstance- If you have a beefy PC or a toaster, you can change the view distance to suit your needs with an app in the XM8.

    Virtual Garage- Allows you to store the vehicles at your base in a virtual garage. This garage is hackable with a "base laptop" though so it's not entirely safe, you still have the threat of losing vehicles if your base is raided.

    Lock Grinding- Use a grinder and batteries to grind off  locks on doors/ gates. This take a long time though so make sure the coast is clear before you start!

    Base/Safe Hacking- Use a base laptop to either hack player safes or virtual garages to steal from other players. This takes about 10 minutes to finish and when you start, a bubble is put on the map labeled "hacker activity" for everyone to see so people can come and stop you or wait for you to finish the hack and then kill you as you are about to escape taking the loot for themselves.

    Journal- An app in the XM8 that lets you right down notes for anything. Need to remember coordinates? Right them down!

    Customizable Status Bar- Change the color, width and size of icons/ text in your status. You can even disable certain things on the bar as well, dont want that temperature icon? turn it off! Hell, dont want a status bar at all?! Turn it off!!



    Our PvP is more infantry based meaning you wont see any crazy tanks or helicopters flying around blowing everything up. We focus on infantry combat to make things more up close and personal and the threat of dying is higher since you can't hide inside a tank with a giant cannon and blow up the competition without breaking a sweat.

    The best vehicle we have is the BRDM-2 which is a armored APC like vehicle that has a turret on top, but whoever is in the turret is vulnerable to bullets so it's not too OP.


    Starting out

    In this server you start out with 20,000 pop tabs in your locker, which is more than enough to get you started and buy yourself some gear even if you die  a few times since guns aren't too expensive. We realize most people don't want to spend hours grinding for money to get gear only to die and lose it all and have to grind for hours again. The most expensive things you'll have to buy are the top tier helicopters witha  lot of armor and alot of inventory space.

    Military zones provide good gear making them hotspots for pvp a lot of the time and providing  a quicker way to get geared up pretty well if you're strapped for cash.

    We use the respect system to add some progression to being able to buy loot. Meaing you'll need a certain amount of respect until you can buy better items.

    We use the standard tier list for respect :

    Tier 1= 0

    Tier 2= 5000

    Tier 3= 10,000

    Tier 4= 15,000

    Tier 5= 20,000

    Tier 6= 25,000



    We have added a few military bases around the map with a lot of loot spawns to make them worth going to, i have even added a 25-50% chance of a loot crate spawning at them at every restart with very good gear inside, making the military zones a possible PvP hotspot at the beginning of server restart. One of the zones is eve pretty close a spawn city so a lot of people can get there quickly making it a high pvp area a lot of the time.

    The military bases are designed with certain gameplay styles in mind as well, while on zone is in a  flat area, requiring you to get up close to see what is inside, another can be surrounded by hills, making you have to watch for snipers on the horizon.

    I have added a chance of a few custom AI to spawn around the map at every restart as well, they are very deadly! They don't give respect or tabs (at least until i figure out how to let them drop them) but they have very good gear on them like high end snipers, explosives and rocket launchers.


    Pics Of Custom Areas / AI Currently In The Server (more will come):





    1. We are all about free speech but if we think you're being a dick then you're either getting kicked or a temporary ban. If it continues then you get perma banned. If you're being real stupid then you're getting banned right away.

    2. No spamming.


    1. No camping trader zones, you need to be 1000 meters away from a trader zone before you start setting up an ambush.

    2. No ramming others or stealing ANYTHING that is not yours in the trader zones. (We have anti theft scripts but shit happens)

    3. Don't follow people out of the traders zones with your own vehicle with the intent to kill them when they get over 1000 meters out. You can only do this if you somehow convinced them to add you to their group.

    4. Don't be super loud and annoying to people in direct voice chat. It's funny sometimes to play some music to set the mood for everyone but please be self aware of when it's gone from funny to annoying.


    1. No building bases within 200 meters of military zones, it makes it so loot doesn't drop if you make a base to close to them.

    2. No covering your flag pole so it cant be stolen, you can have a roof over it, just don't cover the flag pole with building materials so much that it is 100% unreachable. It has to at least be possible to steal.

    3. No glitching into bases.


    1. NO COMBAT LOGGING. If you do it once you will be demoted 1 respect tier and if you have no respect you will lose an amount of money that seems fair to the amount you have. If you keep doing it then you're getting banned.

    If you have any suggestions for rules or any questions about the current rules, feel free to post below.




    We want to build a nice community for this game so we encourage you to  join our forums or if you want to hang out in the Discord channel and shoot the shit thats cool too.

    We aren't the most politically correct group in the world, there will be no trigger warnings here lol

    With that said we do not condone things like racism.

    Links to website / discord:




    Pictures of custom military / AI:





    Links to scripts used:



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