• Namalsk Hardcore Survival

    SnakeByte Gaming

    North America
    ? / 40
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    Server Info:
    • PVP (Player Versus Player)
    • 1st / 3rd Person
    • Day / Night Cycle
    • 6 hour server restarts
    • Random Shore Spawning
    • Reduced Vehicle Spawns
    • More rare items / rare loot
    • Most gear cannot be bought
    • Territory maintenance is every 7 days
    • Shift click markers disabled
    • Group HUD disabled
    • Location notifications disabled
    • No map or compass on spawn
    Server Features:
    • Enigma Revive System
      (Using Defibrillator)
    • Advanced Banking System
      (Players have a Wallet & Bank Account and must use ATMs)
    • Advanced Vehicle System
      (Random spawned vehicles are persistent)
    • TPWCAS A3 - AI Suppression System
      (Makes AI Duck, Cover, Etc)
    • A3XAI: Random & Dynamic AI, Vehicle Patrols, & Heli Patrols
    • Defent's Mission System (DMS)
      (16 random mission scenarios)
    • Zupa's Capture Points (ZCP)
      (PvP cap points with AI defense)
    • Random AI Kills Reward Respect
    • Mission AI Kill Reward Money & Respect
    • R3F Towing
      (Towing & Carrying)
    • Igiload (Loading & Lifting)
    • Attachable Taru Pods & Lift-able Huron Pods
      (key bind UserAction1 to lock. Lock, Unlock, then Lock to save location of pod)
    • EMP Storms
    • Custom Territory Flags
    • Safezone Vehicle Protection
      (Keeps players from stealing in safezones)
    • Crash Sites With Loot
      (DayZ style)
    • Vehicles Unlock In Safezones After Server Restart
    • Custom Crafting Recipes
      (30+ custom recipes + Exile recipes)
    • Other A3 Vehicles Added
    • Custom Weather Cycle
    • MPH Conversion
    • Modified XM8
    • XM8 Apps
      (Attach Chemlight, Crafting Recipes, Stats, Base Security, Etc)


    Planned Features: 

    • Custom Buildings / Locations
    • Dynamic Traders
    • Revamp Refueling



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