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    <p style="color:white;">For all those first person only lovers out there, who like me was very sad and frustrated with the fact that there was no first person only exile servers, there now is one!
    The server features the Tanoa map and a bunch of mods besides exile. Mods are NiArsenal, CBA, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles. The server also has its very own humanity 
    system with Bandit and Hero status, aswell as trader, that is currently being implemented.
    The server is fresh as of around 14-07 (depending on time zones). I know alot of people think its a shame that there aren't first person servers only, because its much more immersive and you avoid people abusing 3rd person view.
    Joining the server is pretty easy, you just gotta get the right mods and connect. Here is a server interface, where u can see the address and whatnot.
    Install mods:
    Download the newest Exile mod (current potato). Then get the mods in this collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723913198. With these things installed you should be good to go, to join.
    So if you really like first person only, with no 3rd person cheaters, and really like the gameplay of exile then come and join us, and bring ur friends.
    I am not the server owner, i'm just a very passionate players for first person only and have been looking for a server for ages, while following following the development on this server. And i think this is probably the only first person only server out there, with a proper slot amount and some really expert dev’s working on it.</p>


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