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    [NOR/EU]WestVikings Redux|Zs|Fishing|Sell crate|Vec|Rappel|Enh-move|Tow|Custom Chernarus Redux

    Welcome to WestVikings Chernarus Redux - the latest in apocalyptic warfare.
    Four mature, active admins with 15k++ Arma hours between them.
    Noob friendly. Militarized.
    "We made a server we like to play on."

    Mods required:
    Exile, Chernarus Redux, CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CUP Terrains Core, 
    Ryanzombies, Chums buggy, NIArms complete, Fox Survivalcars, LAGO Biken Anti-materiel rifle
    Extended Base Mod, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Enhanced Movement,

    Custom respect based load-outs
    Custom "impossible" AI City with insane loot
    Custom military roadblocks w/cars,gear
    Custom buildings
    Custom loot types
    Custom loot spawn in boxes
    Custom Radiation zones with epic loot
    Custom traders
    Custom Black market unsafe-zones
    Custom missions
    Custom cap missions
    Custom military check-points
    Custom AI Heli patrols
    Scary zombies in big cities and military installations *only*

    Enhanced movement
    Rappelling from heli
    Advanced urban rappelling from buildings

    Wages - paycheck every 5min.
    Fishing - get rich quick and easy
    Vector building
    Vehicle loading (IGI load)
    Advanced sling loading
    Sell whole mission crates
    15k start cash
    Heli spawns
    Plane spawns

    Virtual garage
    Lock grinding
    Base spawn
    Safe/flag/container hacking

    Extended base mod
    CUP vehicles
    Fox's survival cars/Chums buggy
    NIArms - complete
    CUP weapons
    LAGO 20mm sniper

    3 hour restarts
    Loong day, short night

    WestVikings Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westvikings
    WestVikings Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/westvikings
    Happy hunting!


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