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    NightsWatchGaming's Arma 3 Exile Server

    With the server less than 2 weeks old and recently wiped, we guarantee a fresh and fair start to all members.
    We're currently working with a 30 slot server at the moment, we can/will improve it if we see interest in the server!

    Features of [NWG]'s Arma 3 Exile:

    - New/Fresh server.
    - 30,000 Starting Poptabs in your locker to help you get on your feet.
    - Locker storage increased from 10,000 to 50,000 (Helps new players get on their feet easier)
    - Active and fair admins.
    - No modifications other than Exile.
    - DMS Static and Dynamic Mission scripts.
    - Deploy Bike Script.
    - Public TeamSpeak - Need a room for you and your guys? Not a problem!
    - Website for you to suggest scripts to be implemented / changed. *We do listen, and we do out best to accommodate changes the server will enjoy*

    More content coming constantly, be it map changes, additional script or something else we have in the works!

    With members from Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, America and Sweden, you don't need to worry about time zones being a massive problem here!

    Background behind the community

    NWG is a new community consisting of 10-12 players starting from the ground up after leaving a server due to admins abusing their powers. We decided to make our own community and give players an enjoyable and fair experience as best we possibly can. The server, website and TeamSpeak are all set up, and we're just looking for players to fill out slots!

    If anything above interests you, or you're looking for more information you can contact us on any of the following:

    Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/stuwey95/ | That's my steam account (A Steam group will be made soon!)

    TeamSpeak - ts3london.gtxgaming.co.uk:9997 |

    Website - http://nightswatchgaming.enjin.com/ |

    I hope to see you on the server soon!

    Happy Hunting,
    Stuart Walton ~ Head Admin / Public Relations (Apparently :p)

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    great server, good admins and just a good laugh while having fun 10/10 !!

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