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    Here is a list of things that our server has to offer, hopefully you like what you see and will come check us out in person. All missions have the chance to spawn the new APEX items/vehicles so if you don't have it make sure you have a friend that can sell the items for you.

    Newest Additions

    1. When you login and you own a flag it will announce your due date 45 secs into logging in.
    2. Died inside a vehicle? Simple get back to the wreckage and scroll then select Salvage Vehicle to get access to your body.
    3. Receive 250 poptabs every 5 mins you are not at a base or a trader
    4. You can now craft a supply crate for looting,moving, or to trick another player!
    5. Tow/Lift script has been updated to include APC tracked vehicles

    XM8 Apps

    1. Remotely control your base cameras from your XM8 you can even turn on thermal.
    2. Do a scan for players within 1500m of your location
    3. Change vehicle textures to simple colors
    4. Check territory info with Territory Stats but you must be in that territory
    5. Vehicle Health shows bars of health for each hit point on a vehicle

    Previous Update
    Unit Scanner - XM8 App - Scans for everything within 120m radius and shows it on the radar.
    Territory names will no longer show up when you enter the area
    Loot tables rewritten includes EBM, CUP, and all buildables and it's been increased
    AI soldiers now have poptabs on their bodies amount ranges from online players
    Players Marxet can now be accessed from the normal vehicle traders [buy or sell]
    Brama cookbook is back, crafting list made easy
    Vehicle and crate anti-theft protection inside safe zones from non group/family players(CUP heli's still need added to script) If you remove a crate from a vehicle inside safe zone make sure you look at the inventory to claim it same goes for a towed/lifted vehicle make sure you get in the drivers seat 1st
    Sell from crate, to help us clean the area clean make sure you sell crate+cargo
    Rappel down buildings/Walls
    Rappel from a helicopter [make sure pilot is not descending]
    Spawn at your base [Owner/Moderators] Timer set to 5 mins

    Current Scripts

    Rocket Launchers purchased goes on your back
    Players MarXet allows you to sell items to other players
    Base Raiding allows you to hack their garage and grind a lock
    Claim Server spawned vehicles with a code lock
    Revive a player within 5 mins of dying
    Status Bar keeps track of all important details, health,poptabs,locker, etc
    Halo Jump allows you to jump from a helicopter
    Tow/Lift/Load -Some large helicopters will load certain vehicles now, load crates from missions
    XM8 Apps APOC's Airdrop, View Distance, Deploy Bike or Quad, Sever Info, Virtual Garage
    Virtual Garage allows you to store vehicles for up to 14 days
    Building Max Limits level 10, 150m Radius, 200 Objects, Tanoa level 10, 100m, 150 Objects

    Details for everything is below:
    One major change to exile and our server is the new respect based system, which includes purchasing items from traders. Respect levels are as follows:

    Level 1- 0 respect - shows up white
    Level 2- 10000 respect - shows up green
    Level 3- 25000 respect - shows up blue
    Level 4- 100000 respect - shows up purple
    Level 5- 500000 respect - shows up orange
    Level 6- 750000 respect - shows up pink

    If you do not have the amount of respect needed to buy the item it will look grayed out and will tell you how much more respect you need to buy that item.

    Rocket Launchers - You can also purchase a rocket launcher without having to store it in a vehicle, it will now place this on your back upon purchase.

    Heli-Pads - These are located on Altis Servers only and when you purchase a vehicle it will spawn on top of this pad, if you are blocking the pad you will be asked to move but if you left it there it will be deleted without warning to deter douche bags placing vehicles on them so others cannot purchase one.

    Exile has now gone to a physical poptab system. This means that if someone kills you they can steal the money you had on you. There are lockers at every safe zone that can store up to 5 million poptabs. Plus you can store poptabs in safes,vehicles and bunkers at your base. This also means that if you want to give someone money you have to actually drop it on the ground for them, there is no more transfer money option.

    Players MarXet - These are blue circles on the map that are safe zones where you can name your own price and list items that you would like to sell. You do not have to be online if someone buys an item as it will be deposited in your locker.

    Base raiding is part of the game you can now grind off locks with a grinder. You can also hack safes and virtual garages with a laptop. Hacking safes shows up on the map like a mission does, hacking the virtual garage does the same thing. In order to start any of these the owner or someone who has build rights to your base must be online. So with addition to the new grinding and hacking scripts, exile has added a few things as well. First as you all may know they have added the ability to construct concrete bases. They have also added 3 new breaching charges that you must craft to get through each kind of wall. Each charge takes a little longer for each kind of material that you are trying to get through, wood being the easiest and concrete being the hardest. Now I will say that we have removed satchel charges from our server for balancing issues. If you want to raid the best way is to craft the exile explosives. One last little thing exile has made it so you can steal a flag at someone else base. When this is done you have 3 days to pay the ransom or the base is gone, the ransom can be paid at the territory trader at central.

    To control suicide for farming vehicles, we have implemented a max of 5 suicides per restart with a cool down of 10 minutes between suicides.

    Another cool new feature to exile is the addition of families. This feature allows you to create a family and invite your friends. The benefits of this is when you join the server you are automatically put into a party, then when your friends join they are automatically put into the same party. No more stopping what you are doing to bother with party invites. To make a Family you must go the territory trader at central safe zone and pay 20000 poptabs to start the family.

    Claiming Vehicles - So this script allows you to take any randomly spawned vehicle and make it your own. All you need is to find a vehicle and have a code lock on you. When you go up to the vehicle use the scroll option and select claim ownership and put the pin in that you want and that's it the vehicle is yours.

    Enigma Revive - All you need to do is purchase a defibrillator from the trader, get to your fallen teammate within 300 secs[5 mins], scroll to perform CPR. Before performing CPR we recommend that you take your friends poptabs otherwise his/her money will disappear, this is buggy with the recent Exile update.

    Status Bar - This pretty much explains itself, it gives your a breakdown of your hunger, thirst, damage, etc

    Halo Jumping - This is something that we recently added to the server. This script allows you to jump out of any air vehicle from any seat and be able to parachute to safety. This parachute does not take the slot of your backpack. You have to be at least 100m in the air for the option.

    Rappelling - Yes that means you can fly a friend over something and have them rappel out of your chopper to the ground. This works for every seat in the chopper except the pilot of course. It also works with every chopper on the server, but this has a bug right now you can repel thru a hangar roof so make sure you secure loot and your flag if you use one of these are part of your base. Pilots do not descend when someone is lowering themselves down as it will get tangled in the rotor and death will follow.

    Tow/Lift/Load - This will allow you to either lift a vehicle within reason, tow a vehicle if its capable, and load in mission crates, safes, containers into a vehicle that has extra capacity. Remember to remove all crates before selling inventory or before restart as they will disappear. You can also move a full safe/container 20m at a time without having to take out the items! You can also place Bikes, Quads inside most land/air vehicles along with the Qilin and Prowler inside the larger Choppers I.E. CH47, VTOL, ETC.

    XM8 Apps are back, including APOC's Airdrop, View Distance, Deploy Bike [Extension Cord] or Quad [Scrap Metal] materials needed to craft one, Sever info, A journal and the Virtual Garage.

    Virtual Garage- so I don't know about you but I got pretty tired of spawning in and finding that all my vehicles had been blown up by someone. Well the virtual garage will help with that. Our new Virtual garage does not require a Base Laptop, it is now on your XM8 under the "more" tab. You click on the Virtual Garage tab and you can store and retrieve your vehicle from there. Ok so fair warning here- if you put a vehicle into the virtual garage unlocked it will come out unlocked.... let me say that again IF YOU PUT A VEHICLE IN UNLOCKED IT WILL SPAWN OUT UNLOCKED AS WELL. Also any vehicle that is left in your VG for 14 days of inactivity will despawn. So make sure to take your vehicles out every now and then. We will not be responsible for someone taking a vehicle you spawned out of the virtual garage because you forgot to lock it before putting it in there or vehicles that have despawned due to inactivity.
    ***Note*** If vehicle is not removed and added back into the garage it deletes by default after 14 days

    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel1Limit = 5
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel2Limit = 10
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel3Limit = 15
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel4Limit = 20
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel5Limit = 25
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel6Limit = 30
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel7Limit = 35
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel8Limit = 40
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel9Limit = 45
    VirtualGarage_FlagLevel10Limit = 50

    With this new update we have changed our max base radius and objects. The new changes are listed below. Upgrading your base is now done through the territory trader at central safe zone. Building distance between territories is 325m. Maximum bases allowed per player is 1. Minimum distance to build between traders and spawn zones is 1000m. Extended base mod objects require respect level 4 to purchase.

    Spawns - If you own a base on the servers you will be able to respawn near your base and parachute down with only a 5 min cool down, you can only use each spawn point every 5 mins so if you keep killing yourself then you will not be able to spawn again until the 1st spawn point becomes available again.

    ***Notes*** Protection money is due every 14 days payable to the office trader.

    Price, Radius, Objects
    5000, 15, 30
    10000, 30, 60
    15000, 45, 90
    20000, 60, 120
    25000, 75, 150
    30000, 90, 160
    35000, 105, 170
    40000, 120, 180
    45000, 135, 190
    50000, 150, 200

    Since Tanoa is a much smaller map the building level radius and object limits have been lowered

    Price, Radius, Objects
    5000, 10, 15
    10000, 20, 30
    15000, 30, 45
    20000, 40, 60
    25000, 50, 75
    30000, 60, 90
    35000, 70, 105
    40000, 80, 120
    45000, 90, 135
    50000, 100, 150

    Malden is a much smaller map the building level radius and object limits have been lowered but your allowed 2 bases

    Price, Radius, Objects
    5000, 5, 5
    20000, 10, 10
    35000, 20, 20
    50000, 30, 30
    65000, 40, 40
    80000, 50, 50
    95000, 60, 60
    110000, 65, 65
    125000, 70, 70
    150000, 75, 75

    We have also double Exile's default so the need to eat or drink doesn't slow your game play down, with regen set to 4 points a min.

    In regards to Extended Base Mod, if you place a fuel source at your base you will need to move it every restart or just when you need to use it until the Author of the mod makes it persistent. You can also purchase a water cooler for your base to fill up all those empty water bottles.

    All Exile loot items can be sold or bought at the traders except for the Hotwire [knife] which is a lootable only item. You can purchase a thermal scanner which only works if a player has used that code lock/vehicle within the last 15 mins.

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    O3G Gaming has it all. They are the best ran server I have ever played on. I have lots of hours on ARMA3 and this server I have been playing on for a few weeks and I love it. I will never play on another server as long as O3G is around. Get missions, great players, and great admins that are always on. You need to try O3G. It will change your world!!!

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    SSgt Brooks

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    I really like this server, I would like to start with a piece of junk metal helps building a jet ski to get across water and less time looking or buying a boat.  I might have four or 6 now somewhere out there.  Otherwise really like it respect requirement is a bit high and no Taru is questionable but it makes it challenging.  I would say consider adding a bridge to connect islands.   All in all I like it glad I came back and liking the changes.

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