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    Omega Force Gaming Exile Mod Servers bring a unique militarized approach to the Exile Mod genre. Our players have access to many vehicles and weapons not encountered in traditional Exile.


    Brief Overview of Features:

    Fully Militarized (Hundreds of Vehicles and Weapons to Choose From)

    Indestructible Bases

    Virtual Garage (For Safe Storage of Your Vehicles)

    Revive Using Defibrillators

    Teleport Between Safezones

    Heavly Customized DMS Missions

    Heavily Customized Roaming AI

    Customized PVP Capture Points


    Scratchie Lottery

    Lots of Funny Jokes

    Set View Distance

    Deploy Bike



    Server Mod Requirements:

    Latest Exile Mod Version

    RHS: United States Armed Forces

    RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

    MAS Weapons

    MAS Vehicles

    TRYK Uniforms

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    I was trying to find a different server for the group I game with to migrate to and I stumbled upon Omega Force Gaming. We like that it's heavily militarized (last server was too, but not as much as this). You always have to be prepared for anything on this server because you never know when some one is going to pull up in a Kuma (tank) or a A-10 (jet) and ruin your day. There's plenty of stuff to do on the server too. If you see that the big group mission/cap point is up and being done head on over to the smaller missions (if you dare) or track down and kill the random AI that spawn all over the map. While you're tracking that AI down you could also stumble upon a sweet vehicle spawn that could be worth a nice amount of tabs at the trader (tanks, cars, and heli's spawn) Johnjohns is the sever owner and he's great. He's always asking for feedback on how he can make the server better.

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