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    Hey Everyone,

    Today we announce our new Server:  old-poppers.de|Exile|Namalsk|mas.weap&veh|ASDG_JR|


    In the past we tried many different Exile Servers but none of them seem to fit us. 

    Sometimes there were admins, abusing their powers by using godmode and stuff, or the servers were not configured very well so you had everything in about 2 Hours.

    So we decided to start our own project.

    We are trying to get back to the origin of Exile, the prisoners Island (not that Zombie stuff).

    • As you can see we play on the Island of Namalsk, which we think is predestinated as an prison island.
    • We use the DMS Mission System, which is custom edited by us to have missions that fit for prisoners.
    • Additional to DMS we use the occupation addon to have roaming ai with cars, boats and by foot which are the guards on the island.
      Watch out, they are many and they are high skilled.
    • Our carpool was optimized to the scenario, so we kicked out strider, ifrits, and so on and added some of the mas vehicles.
    • Weapons are customized to, we just use mas weapons (except pistols) which have a maximum calibre of 7.62mm.
    • We only give 7% of the sales price for selled loot, and the prices for weapons and care are pretty high.
      We do this to get the people looting and doing missions and not just sit in their bases or camping the trader.
    • We just use a few xm8 apps: the BRAma Cookbook, colorcorrection, Playerstats and the base locator to let u see if building there is allowed.
    • Our server uses a 6hour restart loop and we have a day and night circle running there (because 24/7 daytime sucks).

    To  us:

    We are a funny group of midaged Gamers (25-40) from Germany and Switzerland we play for fun and are looking for guys who share our passion for after work gaming.


    What we expect from players:

    We dont want that classical Arma Kiddy behaviour at our server. That means flaming, insulting, crying and so on.

    So if your behave is mature you are welcome.

    We want quality not quantity if you know what i mean.

    And of course we dont want cheaters, therefore we have infistar installed which is used only to prevent problems, not to give admins an advantage!


    Mods that are required:

    • mas Weapons
    • mas Vehicles
    • asdg_jr
    • Namalsk

    optional you can use

    • Dragonfyre eden (Sound mod)


    Our Server Launch is on Sunday 17.4.2016 at 18:00 UTC+1

    Hope to see some guys visiting us.

    pls leave some comment or review down here.


    Greetings Hefti






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    User Feedback

    Consi la Brit

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    On this server you finally have a real survival feeling again!

    The loot you want to sell is very precious and you have to be scared that you lose it.

    At the trader you have to choose very wisely what to buy, since you don't earn tons of money by selling loot.

    Finally a server where you aren't fully equiped with all weapons and vehicles to rape others.

    You also have to pay very tactically, since the map isn't that big and the NPC's are aiming very percisely.

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    ...endlich mal ein Server der auf den ganzen SchnickSchnack verzichtet!

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