• Welcome to Outsiders Gaming (OSG)! We are using the Chernarus Redux map. You will need to ensure you have all the mods in order to play on our server. They will be listed below.

    Our community has been around since 2014, we first started out on the Arma 2 Overpoch server and finally made the switch over this past September to Arma 3.

    Admins are active on the server but they are there to play. When it comes to using their admin powers, it is to monitor the server when required. They are not to be using their powers unless it is required. All logs are checked daily.

    The server runs infiSTAR & Battleye.

    Our features include:

    • Zombies
    • 20,000 Pop Tabs for new players
    • Virtual Garage
    • Safe Hacking
    • Door Grinding
    • MarXet
    • Most Wanted
    • Vector Building
    • Halo & Ground Spawn System
    • DMS AI System
    • Occupation AI System
    • ZCP (Zupa's Capture Points)
    • R3F Logistics
    • Claim Vehicles
    • Repair Vehicles at Trader Cities
    • Safezone
    • Change View Distance
    • Custom Stats Bar (Editable)
    • ¬†Server Info
    • Enigma Revive
    • Vote Day/Night


    • Protection = 21 Days (Must pay protection money before this)
    • Vehicles = 28 Days (Must move the vehicle before this)
    • Stolen Flag = 14 Days (Must pay ransom money before this)
    • Stolen Flag = 5 Days (Door & Safe pins are reset to 0000 and will mark the safes as abandoned if the ransom money isn't paid after the flag is stolen)
    • Abandoned Safe = 7 Days (Must access your safe before this to prevent a marker from displaying that the safe is abandoned and the pin is reset to 0000)
    • Safes & Containers outside of Territories = 7 Days

    Thank you for checking out our server information! This server is still fairly new so best time to get yourself and your clan established! Please join our Discord for more information!

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