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    UPDATE 27.02.2017

    ·         Sell crate directly in waste trader

    ·         Revive your buddies with a defibrillator available in Trader Zones

    ·         New Tanks, Planes and Uavs

    ·         NO SKYBASE. Maximum height is now set to 30M


    ·         Respawn in your base possible every 5 minutes

    ·         Loot +

    ·         Prices updated

    ·         Custom ZCP

    ·         Jonzie Cars


    elcome to Overfak Exile !

    I'm a new Exile server admin and i'm proud to announce my new server :

    /!\ It's a brand new server and it will still be in "Testing" Mode for a few weeks. /!\

    During 1 week from now, every player who goes in and tell me the secret code "FAK" in Private Chat will be rewarded with a customized gift (Send to "Non's Walt")

    Mods / Addons (Everything works fine ATM)

    ·         20K Start

    ·         Infistar

    ·         DMS Missions - Custom Money, loot and vehicles


    ·         Gear Crates - With Batteries inside !

    ·         Random AI - Town Occupation - Uav AI patrols

    ·         Airlift - Movable Cases and Load inside vehicles

    ·         Grinding

    ·         Hacking (Virtual Garage hackable)


    ·         Occupation Airlines

    ·         Admin Custom Events (Heli War, Balota's Tank, 100K Massive Crate...)

    ·         Uavs, Tanks, Missile & Rocket Launchers

    XM8 Apps

    ·         Deploy Bike

    ·         Viewing Distance

    ·         Player Scan

    ·         Private Chat

    ·         Vehicle HP Bars

    ·         Remote CCTV

    ·         BRArma CookBook

    TODO :

    ·         Optimize Loot Tables

    ·         Optimize Poptabs Balance

    Our goal is to build a new Exile community, we are available on our Discord and ingame to listen to your suggestions to make the best experience possible !

    Discord : https://discord.gg/ezUufCq Server on a3Launcher Server IP :


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