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    We are a awesome gaming community called PARA-UK and we welcome you to some of the best servers, not only that but one of the best gaming communities.  That me and @kidesh own!

    • Our servers are always being made better in our own time
    • Active Staff
    • Both the servers are loaded with some of the best scripts, and mods around *ALL INCLUDE* Custom status bar, *NEW* Missions and new capture points! 
    • Mods we use for the Tanoa server Ni-Arms, TRYK, CBA, Exile, Extended Base mod, Ryan Zombies, RZInfection
    • Mods we use for the Esseker server CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CBA, TRYK, Ryan Zombies, RZInfection, Extended base mod, Esseker, Exile, CUP Core, CUP Maps


    • Both server are all adapted to the environment of the map! So the vehicles allowed, the prices, the spawns... We took it all into consideration! So we want you guys to come along our journey, making our gaming community one of the best it can be! 


    Many regards

    [PARA] Flames - Tanoa server Owner - Head Dev

    [PARA] Kidesh - Owner - Esseker server Owner

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