• PixelNationGaming is proud to announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile Lingor Server!
    We've spend a whole lot of time into this server, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!


    With active admins and server being regulary updated, we hope you will enjoy your stay!
    Current server features on 22/4/2017

    Current Server Features:

    • 25+ Custom Made Dynamic Missions
    • Occupation Missions
    • Zupa Capture Point's
    • Militarised (Tanks/Jets/Attack Heli/Armed Cessna's/Armed Vehicles)
    • Zombies
    • DayZ Style HUD
    • Radiation Zone with High Zombie Spawn
    • Custom High End Trader Citys which Sells Raid Kits/RPG's/Concrete Building Materials and Tanks/Jets/Armed Helicopters/Armed Vehicles. 
    • View Distance
    • Revive Dead Players
    • Improved Killfeed (show what gun/location)
    • Homemade Trader Cities + Map Editions
    • Respect Loadouts. Higher Respect --> better Loadout!
    • Virtual Garage
    • Halo Jump
    • Custom Traders
    • High Custom "Militarised" Loot
    • Custom Map Content at all Trader Cities and Airfields
    • Deploy Kart or Jetski
    • Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages)
    • Fully Configurable StatusBar
    • Custom Day/Night Cycle
    • Basespawn feature ( with a cooldown of 15min )
    • Bigger Lockers (5 million)
    • BRAma Recipes App
    • Anti-Theft in Safezones
    • Reviving
    • ServicePoints (rearm/repair/refuel)
    • MarXet - Dynamic Player Market
    • AntiHack
    • Towing System
    • Vector Building
    • Anti Sky Base (max 20m)
    • And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself

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