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    Everyone can raise a PvP server, the art is to create a PvE server!

    You are sick of gearing up in 15 minutes and purchasing a highend vehicle after an hour?
    You are looking for a challenge? You liked DayZ Epoch and always thought: It's nice, but too easy?
    Then check out the settings for the Namalsk Harcore Survival server...

    My intention was to create a realistic and hazardous environment, where you struggle to survive.
    For mental cinema I wrote a short Storyline:


    In 1982 military patrols discovered an artefact at Object 1 on island Namalsk,
    which was under study at Object 2 for three months. Scientists extracted an unknown
    substance with wonderous catalytic properties. The attempt of reproduction at the
    Sebjan chemical plant led to a contamination of some workers who died a painful death
    within 2 hours. After a short period the communication to the plant broke down,
    followed by a huge explosion. Military troups detected radioactivity and got attacked
    left, right and center by undead workers. After all ground troups were completely drubbed
    the government decided to retain Namalsk in quarantine.
    The few survivors were abandoned to their fate...

    Present Age...

    In reaction to overcrowded jails the government made a top secret decision.
    It has been decided to cast long-term prisoners without relatives ashore Namalsk, where the dead are still walking!
    Recon flights confirmed what the power holders expected. Most of them died very soon.
    Death from exposure was the most and unhurtful death. The unluckier prisoners were torn in pieces by the undead.
    Only some hard-nosed captives fought their way through the abandoned cities, gathered food and warm clothes, got some weapons
    and set up a trader camp in the middle of the island to back up their fellow prisoners.
    Because anybody on the island is on the brink of starvation, they won't sell neither food nor drinks.
    You are one of the recently abandoned captives!
    Arm yourself, withstand the perishing cold, survive long enough to collect building materials and fortify yourself in your own camp.
    Keep your powder dry, you are not alone! Some of the maroons will try to kill you to get your stuff. Other survivors will do you no harm,
    unless you attack them. But all of you have something in common. One enemy...the walking dead!
    You have to survive under all circumstances, you are doomed to succeed!


    • Adjusted snowfall (tinier snowflakes) all over the map, beside rain and sunshine
    • Extremely low temperatures (always minus degrees)
      Using heatpacks or warming up at a fire is essential for surviving, later on you can buy
    • Warm clothes, which are reducing hypothermia
    • Only a few bicycles or old tractors as spawn vehicles
    • Russian Roulette
    • No safezones!
    • Completely new designed Trader Outpost with patroling guards shooting zeds
      can only be killed by zeds, when they die all gear is removed (thx to second_coming assisting me on this!)
    • New Exile respect system for buying. You want to buy good stuff? Be a good survivor!
    • No food trader! You have to loot your food and drinks. Spawn rates are moderately low.
    • Medicals can be bought and can only be looted at the old hospital.
    • This means, loot tables were completely reworked
    • Stamina & Fatigue are activated, autorun (with key 0) is disabled!
      Relating to a realistic setting...you can outrun zeds only for a short period
    • Only walking zombies
      Infection by zombies is activated (with 8% infection chance)
    • DMS/Exile Occupation, spawns bandits and survivors:
      Bandits will always attack you.
      Survivors won't as long you don't attack them.
      Survivors will attack bandits and vice versa.
      Both are attacked by zombies, so survivors are always helpful.
      And even zeds are helpful when you get ambushed by bandits, so you achieve an advantage when they get attacked
      Used content of Occupation: Helicrash sites, supply drops (without markers), transport system (both, truck or heli)
    • Hunting (gain some extra food) & Taming (dogs)
    • Ground Fog at night
    • Different day/night time acceleration (nights are shorter, 1 per restart period)
    • Roaming Trader who is the only one who trades NIArms weapons
    • Extended Base Mod recipes were all reworked to make them rich in variety!

    Mods needed:
    @Exile 0.9.8 Kiwi

    One last word:
    This server is nothing for players who want to gear up fast, buy a vehicle after 15 minutes and start building!
    You will hike much at the beginning, until you get your first vehicle and warm clothes!
    You will gear up slowly, you have to be very careful and you need to be always on the run.
    Low temperatures, hunger and thirst will be your biggest enemy at the beginning!
    Namalks is a perfect map for a hostile environmental. The challenge is not to starve and not to freeze,
    while you are forced to walk into a city were zeds and bandits want to finish your life.
    Be glad if you meet some other (AI) survivors. You will be happy when you looted hard and buy your first quad.
    You just didn't loot to buy it...you earned it! The experiance of surviving is intense, when you like and accept this way of playing!
    Many play...few survive! You are doomed to succeed!

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