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    Anybody can raise a PvP server, the art is to create a PvE Server!

    I'm hosting PvE servers for years now and it was and is always important for me to keep peeps busy.



    • HVP
    • NIArms Weapons
    • CUP_Weapons
    • NATO_Rus_Weapons
    • NATO_Rus_Vehicle
    • TRYK Uniforms
    • ASDG_JR

    Scripts & Settings:

    • 3 hours day / 1 hour night
    • Custom Prices (all prices customized)
    • Custom Crafting (additional recipes)
    • Custom Loot Tables
    • A3XAI Roaming AI
    • DMS Missions (customized, will spawn with static AA and AT and tanks!)
    • Town Invasions
    • Towing (R3F)
    • Virtual Garage
    • Vehicle Protection System
    • Farm Wheels (for repairing)
    • Chopped wood placed inside vehicles
    • Underwater Mission (weapon crate guarded by a group of 12 enemy divers inside of a huge construction)

    I tweaked many other server settings e.a. like slower starving, higher spawn altitude, more allowed base building parts and higher range.
    I'm very busy to add new content, me and my admins are almost at anytime around in the background, so you will be not alone when you have a question or problem.
    We componsate losses due to bugs and other shit that might happen. We are not stingy at all. You are not alone with your problems!

    The server is highly militarized, you can buy most armed vehicles like tanks, helicopters and jet fighters from different mods and Arma itself.

    I would be pleased if you would have a look and leave a vote here. :)


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    10/10 Absolutely love this server. Me and my friends finally found a home where the admin is really active and helps out with any little thing that you need.

    Also love how the admin updates and changes the server according to player wishes.

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    This is a very good server . It is full of opportunities , normal players , very good admins . There are a lot of military vehicles and a lot of AI mission , patrol :) Look up , you'll never get bored. :)

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    I've tried quite a few PvE servers in my time and this one ranks top in my experience.  What sets this server apart is the near constant updates and additions to the mod by the very active server developer and the helpful community and admins.  

    A lot of thought and effort has gone in to customization of the base mod for a full PvE experience; missions, weapons, vehicles, roaming AI, prices and crafting are all spot on and whether you want to play solo or in a group you'll have a base and air and ground vehicles to tackle those pesky AI in no time.

    I highly recommend this PvE server - go check it out.

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