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    Republic of Arma are an extremely active community of like minded gamers and we strive to make our servers stand out from the rest without ruining the fantastic Exile experience.

    Our Tanoa server sports additional vehicles without mods, A.I. patrols, dynamic missions and admin controlled weekly scenarios.

    We have adapted the A.I. to make them more realistic by reducing reaction times and accuracy and also added some orange prisoner clothing to the mix so that they look the part.  We have also adapted the missions to reflect the environment and have added several A.I family names to make it interesting.


    As the worlds prisons buckle under the strain of increased criminal activity the Exile project is born.

    Tanoa, a series of islands that has recently suffered evacuation thanks to a nuclear accident is deemed to be the perfect spot for the new project and the most aggressive criminals from all areas of the globe are shipped out to spend the rest of their days banished to the Tanoa prison island.  It is here that they must live out the rest of their days, struggling to survive amongst the lowest members of society.

    Mega corporations fund games with huge sums bet on the lives of criminals banished to Tanoa, even airlifting arms and supplies to the island to further fuel the battles.

    Come and join us on



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