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    |Reapers Sanctuary Gaming Community|

    The Reapers Sanctuary Militarized server could be the server you have been looking for.

    We are a enriched community that works together to bring the best possible servers for our players.

    Our servers consist of various mods of popular demand, such as one like TRYK Uniforms,

    Mas Weapons, RHS: United States Armed Forces & RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and Hollows Vehicle Pack.




    RHS United States Armed Forces - Vehicles

    RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Vehicles

    Tryk Multi-Play Uniforms

    Mas Weapons

    Hollows' Vehicle Pack

    All In Arma terrain Pack 1.4.1



    Zupa Capture points


    Some Features

    Heavily Militarized



    Attack Helicopters 

    Tow/Lift Vehicles

    XM8 Apps

    Custom Paint Shop

    Set View Distance for on foot, in air, and in ground vehicle

    Custom Crafting Menu

    Custom Status Bar

    3 hour Restart

    Day/night Cycle

    Deploy Bike/Quad (Based Off Of Player Respect)

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    User Feedback

    naga stole my bike ッ

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    Well.. there is a lot things what are stupid, but still one of best servers on Chernarus. 

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    RSGC is a very fun server and community. Lots of great people involved on the servers and the staff always seem to be fixing and adding new things to keep it fresh. Admins and mods are fair when it comes to handling situations and often host cool events with nice rewards. I highly recommend giving this server a shot.

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    The Server is garbage. I know Zombie and he took the server from Reaper himself and it is plunging into the ground. It has become horrible. 

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    I die here on a daily basis, but still play all the time, fun server, good community (on website and teamspeak) the best exile server i've played on. come in and check it out, it's way better hopping in on "TS" and grouping up with someone, but everyone know's lonewolf isn't easy.

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    this server is really good, i enjoy ever last moment on it !

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    RSGC Is an amazing community with amazing staff and provides an all around great experience for new and veteran players to exile!

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