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    We are a New Server that is Currently Hosting Exile on the Altis Map, With Custom Scripts and Custom Addons Specially Made For Our Server.

    Please note if you are joining throigh a3 launcher and you dont load in, hit "ESC" and do direct connect and plug the IP in,  for some odd reason it does not fully connect using A3 launcher.

    Server has a 99.9% up-time Rate and is online 23/7 running on a personal Dediserver :) server specs are listed on the website

    • Why not 24/7? Well We do have downtime for restarts and minor bug fixes! But unlike other servers We plan The Updates and Bug fixes to take effect on Restart So We have minimal Downtime VS other servers shut down the servers right then and there on the spot to restart them.

    Player Slots are 100/ -2 For reserved Slots.


    ---Current Mods Being Used---

    • -Exile * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam
    • -CBA_A3 * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam
    • -RHS USAF * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam
    • -RHS GREF * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam
    • -RHS AFRF  * can be found on A3 Launcher Or Steam

    ----------Custom Scripts----------

    • Underwater Missions
    • Revive * For getting your Buddy back up and running :P
    • Crate Loading
    • Custom Loot Tables including RHS and All of Arma 3 and DLC content
    • Custom Spawn Tables * Including Helis and Cars/Trucks
    • Parachuting/Halo Jumping
    • Custom Crafting
    • Custom Vehicle and Weapon Crafting Coming Soon!
    • Custom Rank LoadOuts
    • Player Driven Market For buying and Selling No more Traders Besides waste Dump! * Work In progress*
    • Supply Drops
    • Safe Kit Missions
    • Crate Box's random Spawning With Awesome Loot!

    ----------The Features of the Server are as Follows----------

    • Bi-Weekly Admin Events, Held On Weekends For More Active Players!
    • Login Rewards for Dedicated Members Who Come back and play! A little incentive you may say ;) * currently testing*
    • Base Paint Coming Soon! * Currently Working on*
    • 30k Start.
    • Adult Staff that are mature and friendly! * Still looking for A few Staff Members Once the server starts to get populated So Visit Website and Apply!
    • Dedicated Server Not a Virtual Server like most company host providers use so we get all the resources! 
    • Custom Scripts For Usage on the server
    • Underwater Missions
    • AI Missions All Around The Map.
    • Custom Traders, WasteDump, and Locker locations * WIP*
    • Custom Loot Tables * Still being tweaked for the best balance possible!*
    • Custom areas Coming soon! *WIP*
    • Crafting| Custom Vehicle and Weapon Crafting are Coming Soon * WIP*
    • We are Using RHS Mods USAF|GREF|AFRF| Adding SAF Soon*
    • Basekits for all members Upon Request* 1 per player per Base For FPS's
    • Reserved Slots Working So Admins can always Help players even when the servers are full!  This Took A While To get Set up :P
    • This is a PVP military Style server! So There is Tons of Vehicles to Choose from, Tanks, Boats, Jets, Helis, Land, Air, Sea Vehicles you name it Its in the server if it is using Arma or RHS mods :)   

    So make sure you Join the Website to stay up To Date with all Changes Being Done on the server, and Future Request along with What is to come! 

    • If you need help to Join the server, Join Our Teamspeak We have Staff Waiting To Assist you!   Looking For Website Developer, Support, Moderator. 



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