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    Stealth Gamers

    North America
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    General Features

    • InfiSTAR Anti hack
    • Adult admins that are ACTIVE
    • Lowered thirst/hunger rate
    • Long-standing Arma 2 community venturing in to Arma 3!


    • We currently run Exilemod on Altis and Napf maps.
    • Custom trader prices and locations. Both maps included.
    • Customized Loot System (CLS). Hand coded by Ryan.
    • Mods: CUP Weapons. MAS Vehicles, ASDG_JR.
    • Custom AI mission system with static missions as well as random located missions.
    • Roaming AI all over the map, 100 units total, 2 cars, 2 helis.
    • Capture Points, clear a capture point of its AI and hold the position for 10 minutes, once completed the capturer is rewarded with money, respect, and a RNG chosen vehicle or supply crate.
    • Loading & Towing system. Load vehicles and storage crates into cars, helis, and boats. Tow vehicles to other vehicles.
    • Custom map editions like military compounds and airfield edits.
    • Customized XM8 with custom apps, supply airdrops, stats page, rule page, remote security camera access, crafting menu.
    • Pressing 8 opens a dialog to change your view distance settings.
    • deployable bikes by double clicking on your radios.


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    User Feedback

    Li Ray

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    I have been playing on there sever for a while now.. Love these guys.

    There all adults and very good at doing admin stuff and keep the game going.

    I would say if you like the game you will like playing there the most


    Li Ray

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    This server is  a great server.

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