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    North America
    ? / 60
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    * 25k Start Locker
    * Zombies
    * Roaming AI
    * AI Missions
    * Supply Crates
    * Base Grinding
    * Hacking
    * Virtual Garage
    * Bridges Between Island
    * 60-Slot Server
    * High FPS, Low Ping

      _High Loot_


     Server Rules:

    * Respect your Admins!
    * Admins have the ability to enforce punishment as they deem nessessary, even if offense not listed. Don't be an jerk!
    * NO HACKING, DUPING, EXPLOITING, or GREIFING; These will result in Perma BAN.
    * English only in Side chat or other community channels.
    * Combat Logging will result in your player being deleted.
    * No Kamikaze into bases.
    * Respect all other player, not just the admins.
    * No camping Safezones or ramming in Safezones.

       Building Rules:

    * No building in unauthorized locations.
    * Familiarize yourself with the map and spawns before building, ignorance is not an excuse
    * Minimum Distance to Safe Zone = 1000
    * Minimum Distance to Respawn Zones = 1000
    * Minimum Distance to other territories = 325
    * No building in existing structures
    * No building in LOS with Military Loot Zones or Static Mission (territory will be deleted)
    * No blocking bridges, roads, or building access
    * Notify a staff member if you find a base in violation of the above rules. The base will be deleted if found in violation!

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