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    This is a new server, checking out how popular Exile still is.  I am rarely, if ever, able to find a server that I feel is running the mods that are most interesting to me. When I do, it is either monetized or already packed out with grief style players.  I love pvp, love pve.. Love to kill for hours and then kick back and craft while I settle in. I do not love grief style players lol.  There are very few rules here, but that is one of them. Do not Grief other players unless you enjoy a 10 fold ROI. (that means 10x return on investment, or "they send one of yours to the hospital, you send 10 of theirs to the morgue").  If you feel froggy, jump on in for a bit. BE WARNED, Zeds are off the chain insane.. as is their loot drops.. and the AI can play Marching Through Georgia with a 9mm on a dinner bell at 200m... So no one lives very long at any one time.  Life isn't something we are suppose to escape from alive.

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