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    Welcome Exile Inmates to your new home...  After a vacation Spearhead Gaming is proud to present:




    Green Hell....Tanoa

    NOW WITH ACE 3 and RHS!


    Mods Needed:

    Spearhead Gaming Exile Pack http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=737020469

    MRT Functions https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=598721423

    CBA https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997

    Temp fix for exile miniguns http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=720335480

    All mods are downloadable through Steam workshop.



    DMS Mission system 



    Advance Rappelling

    Advanced Urban Rappelling 

    ACE 3


    SMA\MRT Functions 

    TF-47 Launchers

    AI Controlled Radiation Island


    Stay Tuned as more content is in the works!

    TS: ts.spearheadgaming.net

    Server IP: :2690


    -No Logging upon Death...We treat this as Combat Logging

    - No Building AT ALL within 150m of all In-game buildings.

    - No trolling 

    - No crying in sidechat.

    - Vehicles left in the safe zone will spawn unlocked on restart, and are free to take.-

    - No stealing in safe zones, except of the vehicles that was unlocked by restart.

    - While Camping a  safe zone is allowed now, admins are instructed to kill or bomb anyone caught just outside the blue circles. We have been doing this for a VERY long time. We know when your camping and when your not. Simple rule. Keep moving. 

    - No base kamikaze with aircraft or sling stealing in safe zones.

    - Report any glitches or griefing on TS or post proof to Forums. Rewards for finding Hackers!!!!

    - Glitching, exploiting, and hacking will get you Banned as well as your teammates. 

    - Territory Payments are due every 7 days at office trader

    - Vehicles not used in 3 days will be deleted. 

    - Any objects outside of your territory will be deleted every 3 days


    Rules for compensation 

    Compensation will only happen in case of:

    - Server breakdown

    - Restarts with no warning.

    - Hacker attacks.

    - Admin mistakes.

    - Common Exile/Arma bugs like mags/clothing disappearing, vehicles exploding inside bases will NOT be compensated

    - To be eligible for compensation, you must be able to show video proof.

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    I've been a long time player on Spearheads servers going back to Al Rayak. I've always had a great experience and the admins have always been fair and just. They are very active. The players are a great bunch to play with and they have ACE on the server which adds another element to words Hardcore. If your tired of players peeking over or around things and getting the drop on you using 3rd person as a crutch and want a 1st person immersive hardcore exile experience this is the place to play. I highly recommend you and least get on and give them a try for a few hrs. If you like it stick around. We'd love to kill you I mean meat you're err meet you. It's a clan warfare based server so clans are definitely welcome to join and wage war against others.

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    Spearhead gaming, I'm a loyal from Lingor to Tanoa and not only by playing but also By donations, I urge you to fund those guys cause they bring good quality servers and a great community for Exile hardcore! keep going boys!

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    Awesome server, fair admins, very custom mods and it constantly changes for the better. One of the only 1st player servers if not the only 1st player server. Lots of fun and tons of PVP action.

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