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    On our server, we offer so much possibilities and ways to play exile how you want to play it. :D

    Installed Mods:

    • Enhanced Movement
    • BW Mod
    • Extended Survival Pack
    • Extended Base Mod
    • CBA
    • Zombies and Demons
    • Dual_Arms

    Installed Scripts/Features:

    • Edited Map
    • Car Parking & Helicopter Parking
    • Over 50 different types of AI-Missions with rewards. (Underwater Missions, Land, Air and much more...)
    • Loot Crates
    • infiSTAR Anti-Hacking Protection
    • ExADClient (Custom Virtual Garage) 
    • New and Improved AI (Is able to repair vehicles and drive them) 
    • AI Raid-Attacks on bases and random groups of players
    • Convoys (Land and Air)
    • Revive System
    • Tow & Load System
    • Mining System 
    • Custom View-Distance Changer. Adjust the View-Distance to get the maximum perfomance out of your PC.
    • Customizeable Status-Bar
    • and more....

    This server is also very good for Coop Players. There are so much things to do, that there will be no boredom at any point.

    But we recommand players to use the A3Launcher. Because otherwise you will get kicked from the server with the reason of missing Mods.

    Updates for the server will be strongly testet on our testserver before implementing them on our public server.


    The SpodGames Community hopes to see you ingame. 9_9

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